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Star Trek TOS: Your Favorite Episode Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Star Trekuniverse is massive, consisting of everything from full-length movies to a myriad of merchandise, never mind the various spin-offs that are currently running. It's so big that fans tend to forget it all started with a scant 79 episodes that aired on network television more than 50 years ago. Whether you're completely new to the franchise or just The Original Series part, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

Where do you get started? Consult the stars for guidance. The show was brilliantly written and many episodes have stood the test of time, and there's a Star Trek TOS episode to please every astrological persuasion. Here are your favorite vintage Star Trek episodes according to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

12 Aquarius - "Amok Time"

Progressive and independent Aquarius will appreciate watching Spock struggle against antiquated tradition and the draw of biology. A calm intellectual for the most part, just like everyone's favorite Vulcan, Aquarius will be fascinated by the intellectual angle juxtaposed against strict Vulcan protocol. They'll also be charmed by the surprise ending that gives Spock a victory with a little help from his friends.

11 Pisces - "Charlie X"

Sympathetic Pisces has an intuitive connection with the ethereal, which is why they'll sympathize so deeply with both sides of the conflict in Charlie X. On one hand, we have a child with nowhere to go, on the other hand, a human crew in mortal peril of his slightest whim. Those born under this sign also enjoy music, and this episode includes a haunting musical number by Uhura.

10 Aries - "Specter of the Gun"

Aries is the most active sign, so they need an episode that moves fast and contains a lot of exciting sequences. This episode mimics an old-style Western and includes devices like a ticking clock, plenty of suspense, and of course an old-school shoot-out, all features that an Aries will love.

This is an episode with more action than cerebral thought, although the characters have to think on their feet to find a way to survive what is supposed to be a pre-determined outcome. It was action without thought that originally caused this predicament, something Aries can identify with.

9 Taurus - "The Menagerie"

Reliability and determination are two traits that define the headstrong Taurus, and the character that drives the plot of this famous two-parter is motivated by both. Spock still possesses strong loyalty to his former Captain, Christopher Pike, and executes a risky plan to free him from an ugly fate after he's deformed by an accident. The sensual Taurus will also be enchanted by the secretive planet in which any and all desires are fulfilled.

8 Gemini - "Mirror Mirror"

The joke about twins is that there's a good one and an evil one, but in the Star Trek franchise that's no joke. The Mirror Universe first appears in this memorable episode and the concept has appeared again in several spinoffs. The twins in the night sky, Gemini, will identify with the duality presented here and their curious nature will enjoy the subtle changes under the reign of the Terran Empire.

7 Cancer - "The Devil in the Dark"

"There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal," Kirk asserts early in this episode. By the time it concludes, he has been corrected. It's a mother animal that's the center of the plot here, a symbol that's sacred to the nurturing and emotional Cancer.

While Kirk plays the warrior in this episode, Spock is the curious and quiet intellectual who suspects from the beginning that things are not as they seem. His tenacity and sympathetic nature, typical of Cancer, keep the Captain and several suspicious miners from making a terrible and probably fatal mistake.

6 Leo - "Requiem for Methuselah"

Leo is our true renaissance man, or woman, surrounding themselves with the best of everything. That includes beautiful people and lavish living arrangements. That's why a Leo person would choose "Requiem for Methuselah" as their favorite episode. The sets and costumes alone would impress a Leo. The main character is a human being, but somehow immortal, and has embodied several famous artists through the centuries. When our heroes encounter him, he has created his magnum opus, a flawless and beautiful android.

5 Virgo - "The Galileo Seven"

Gentle, quiet, and painfully analytical, Virgos and Spock are often a mystery to those around them. This episode challenges the strict discipline and closed-minded nature of Spock, whose methodical approach and leadership skills are tested when a mission with a shuttlecraft goes awry. Virgo will identify with Spock and his inner conflict, understanding him deeply, while his crewmates apparently don't and frequently challenge his authority.

4 Libra - "Errand of Mercy"

It's all about balance to the sign symbolized by an image of the scales, which is why the Libra likes this story along with the twist at the end. Initially, there are three parties involved in this conflict, but when it seems these two sides will fail to fond a compromise, a third and more powerful group appears on the scene.

Libra appreciates diplomacy and cooperation, and the fact that the two main parties fail at that will have them rooting for the mysterious players hiding under the radar. The conclusion, when these powerful aliens finally reveal themselves and dispense justice, will satisfy the fair-minded Libra.

3 Scorpio - "The Tholian Web"

Scorpio likes to see spirited interaction between different characters, and that's what this episode is about. It's not only the relationship that certain crew members have with the Captain, but it's also about how the Science Officer and ship's doctor can cooperate in his absence. Kirk predicts, correctly, that his two friends will be at each other's throats within minutes, and they are, but they still manage to work together and solve their problems. The teasing which they subject the Captain to at the end of this episode is also something Scorpio will appreciate.

2 Sagittarius - "The Corbomite Maneuver"

Freedom, adventure, and a great sense of humor are what a Sagittarius loves, which is why they'll enjoy "The Corbomite Maneuver." Exploring the cosmos is satisfying but dangerous work, and you just have to be optimistic and philosophical because it's your brains, not your brawn, that ensures your survival. Kirk saves the Enterprise with a move that only a human with his brass buns could pull off, only to find out that the terrifying alien that was threatening them was only a mischievous anthropologist.

1 Capricorn - "The Squire of Gothos"

Ask a Capricorn who their favorite Star Trek character is from the franchise, and they'll probably tell you it's the fascinating and enigmatic Q who appears often in The Next Generation. The TOS equivalent would be the cheerful yet tyrannical character Trelane, the antagonist in "The Squire of Gothos." After laughing at his antics, Capricorn will turn against this entity, who is interesting but shockingly undisciplined. That makes it all the more fun when the Captain outwits him, and the mystery of our squire is solved when his parents tell him it's time to come in.