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Redshirt fans are excited for new series, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Fans of Redshirts Always Die voted and have claimed that they are in fact excited for the third new CBS All-Access series, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Fans of this very website were asked to vote on Twitter whether or not they are excited for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and 82% of voters let their voices be known that yes, they are all in on this new series. The All-Accessverse of shows has divided the fanbase, yet this newest incarnation seems to have the most fan support of the new shows.

This may be due to a very obvious reason. Star Trek: Discovery took a controversial approach to the Star Trek mythos by featuring a non-captain officer, who was human, but acted Vulcan. That was a bumbling idea in of itself but it was later discovered she was the sister of Spock, who never had a sister. It all boils down to the shoehorning an idea on top of an established one merely to get it over. It didn’t work.

Star Trek: Picard met backlash because of the staggering lengths the new series went in order to distance itself from its Next Generation roots. Making Picard more bitter, and more untrustworthy. Focusing on recycled plot points and ignoring established points in the series history.

Yet, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is avoiding those issues. While the series will feature Spock, it’s main feature is Captain Pike, Number One, and other little-seen before characters. Before Discovery, Pike had only ever been in three episodes of Star Trek. Unlike redoing past stories of Kirk, Spock, and others, Pike’s lore was still fresh to explore. There could be more leeway with a mostly unused character like Pike.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be some who have issues with this series, entertainment and enjoyment are subjective after all. Yet this show stands the best of the three modern incarnations to succeed due to its ability to expand and tell stories of established characters that aren’t hamstrung to continuity. While Pike’s fate seems sealed, the rest of the adventures don’t have to be.