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Star Trek Voyager Cast To Reunite On Virtual Panel

Get ready, sci-fi fans: The cast of Star Trek: Voyager is reuniting for a virtual panel. As the fifth Star Trek series, Voyager premiered in 1995 and ran for seven seasons before ending its run in 2001. Despite arriving after several other Star Trek shows, Voyager had the distinction of being set in a galaxy that had never been explored in the franchise before, thus opening its story up to new possibilities. Still, though, Voyager had plenty of connections to previous Star Trek shows through guest appearances from the likes of George Takei and Jonathan Frakes.

2020 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Voyager's premiere, and the cast has already planned a different way of celebrating the date. Last month, it was announced that cast members Robert Duncan McNeill and Garrett Wang will host a rewatch podcast titled The Delta Flyers. Even now, years after the show went off the air, Voyager still has its passionate fans, much like the rest of the long-running franchise that continues to churn out new shows and content.

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Now, Digital Spyhas provided new information about the Voyager cast's upcoming reunion. Taking place on Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley's Stars in the House streaming service, the reunion will air this Tuesday, May 26 at 8 PM EST. The returning cast members include Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Roxann Dawson, Robert Beltran, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, McNeill, and Wang. Mulgrew said in a statement, "This reunion will be both gratifying and novel: we are all alive, we are all congenial, and we are all still actors!" She also posted this message on social media:

Picardo echoed Mulgrew's excitement by saying, "I am delighted that the entire cast of Star Trek: Voyager will beam in for a 25th Anniversary Reunion panel on Stars in the House to benefit The Actors Fund." Fans who watch the reunion will be able to donate to the fund, and they'll also get the chance to interact with the actors. A few notable reunions have already taken place on Stars in the House, including meet-ups for casts of White Collar, Gleeand The FlashIn fact, during this ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there have been more than a few virtual cast reunions on various platforms, with one of the most notable being a Back to the Future reunion on Josh Gad's webseries Reunited Apart.

Thanks to Star Trek's flourishing television side, fans have already seen the reappearance of a major Voyager character on their screens this year. The first season of Star Trek: Picardsaw a sizable role for Ryan's Seven of Nine, much to the happy surprise of fans. Picard will return for a second season, and many are excited to see if any additional former Star Trek characters could make cameos. Until then, however, they'll get to see the Voyager cast reunite once more for a good cause.

Source: Digital Spy, Kate Mulgrew/Twitter