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Kate Mulgrew is totally open in returning to Star Trek to play Kathryn Janeway

Kate Mulgrew played Kathryn Janeway on the hit UPN show Star Trek: Voyager and revealed to Star Trek Movie that she would return to the roll if possible.

Kate Mulgrew did an interview with Star Trek Movie’s Laurie Ulster where the topic of her returning to the Star Trek universe came up. Previously Mulgrew wasn’t too committed with returning to the role of Kathryn Janeway, the character she portrayed on Star Trek: Voyager. Times have changed apparently.

When asked about returning to the universe, Mulgrew revealed that she’s been asked quite a bit about returning ever since Star Trek: Picard premiered and it made her think about it more than ever before.

With Mulgrew now entertaining the idea, should it be presented, there should be a push to get her back on screen. There are few captains who can still exist in the current Star Trek mythos, with William Shatner essentially done with the role that made him famous. Not to mention Avery Brooks’ character having been killed off at the end of Deep Space 9.

That just leaves Mulgrew and former Star Trek: Enterprise lead Scott Bakula who make sense for reprisals. Sure you could do something with Brooks involving time travel or something like that, but as he’s 70, there’s no real way to make him look 25 years younger that doesn’t involve millions of dollars in CGI. Plus there’s the whole idea of a time paradox that’s being created. It’s a lot to try to re-work him in.

Hence why Mulgrew and Bakula are the only two left standing in essence. It’s unlikely the folks at CBS will ever give Bakula is just desert, so Mulgrew is the next and possibly last best option to get an iconic character of Star Trek’s past back on screen.

Here’s hoping CBS gives Mulgrew and fans one more run.