Star Trek Guide

Three must-have items for Star Trek fans

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at Entertainment Earth to present three of the coolest Star Trek items we could find. We think you’ll like them.

Look, you deserve to treat yourself. Life’s been rough and like all good Star Trek fans, you’re awesome.

That’s why we’ve spent hours looking at and debating the merits of three of the coolest Star Trek items that our friends at Entertainment Earth have.

You can see our items below, or you can check out Entertainment Earth here.

Star Trek: The Original Series Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott 1:6 Scale Action Figure 

Don’t worry, you can just call him “Scotty.” This 11.75-inch figure boasts 30 points of articulation, fabric clothing, tons of hands and a bunch of other accessories.

This item is currently a pre-order, but it is scheduled to arrive in June. So act fast.

Get your 1:6 scale Montgomery Scott action figure at Entertainment Earth for $179.99. 

Star Trek Vulcan IDIC Prop Replica

This is the most faithful Vulcan IDIC replica ever made, and it’s a limited-edition item (only 500 made). Of course, Spock first wore this in “Is There In Truth No Beauty?” It features an adjustable 18k gold-plated chain.

Get your Vulcan IDIC prop replica at Entertainment Earth for $198.99.

U.S.S. Shran NCC-1413 with Collector Magazine #11

Inspired by the Star Trek: Discovery TV series, this die-cast ship comes with a collector’s magazine. It may have been destroyed at the Battle at the Binary Stars, but it sure looks good here!

Get your U.S.S. Shran NCC-1413 at Entertainment Earth for $54.99.