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Convention News: Star Trek Las Vegas Moves to December

Star Trek Las Vegas is still a go.

Fans worried that the current Coronavirus pandemic would end up canceling the annual get together of Trekkies in Las Vegas, fear not. The convention is still a go, albeit with some adjustments. Star Trek Las Vegas will still go ahead and open it’s doors only now it’ll be in December.

Starting on Dec. 9 and running through Dec. 13, Star Trek Las Vegas will be active and open at the Caesars Forum Conference Center Las Vegas, located in the center of the Las Vegas strip. The center has a hotel and casino, of which the hotel was recently renovated.

As of right now, only William Shatner (James Kirk) and Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov) have been announced.

What can fans expect?

While announced the change, no added details were given in regards to a protocol for the event. There might be a limited amount of tickets as opposed to years before. The NBA is finally letting people attend games, but that probably won’t happen until the second round of the playoffs which could happen in September or October. North Carolina refused to budge on guidelines for the Republican National Convention, which would’ve seen roughly half of the possible number of people attend.

So the idea that the ticket count for the event could be restricted is a very real possibility. In Las Vegas, the city has already removed hundreds of slot machines in order to space out the remaining ones better. People playing the tables are no longer allowed to touch cards, which could make for a really interesting gambling experience.

So expect there to be obvious changes to this year’s convention. The possibility of meet and greets being canceled does exist, even if it’s not being discussed yet. Then again, the whole world could be completely different in five and a half months. So who knows?

If you’re planning to attend the event, be sure to keep up with local regulations and plan accordingly.