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Jeffrey Combs interested in playing Dr. Boyce in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Jeffrey Combs made it known that he wants to play Dr. Boyce in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Despite what you may have read elsewhere, Jeffrey Combs wants to play Dr. Boyce in Star Trek Strange New Worlds. That is, assuming the show even has a Dr. Boyce. Combs was taken out of context a little while back when Combs tweeted out there was a “slim to none chance” of him playing the role.

Combs made sure to highlight the point he was trying to make; that the studio was not likely to be interested in hiring him to play the role. Not that he wasn’t interested in it. Combs spoke to TrekMovies and revealed that he is in fact very open to the idea of playing Dr. Boyce.

Combs has long been attached to Star Trek, dating back to the mid-90s when he played Weyoun on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He also had a somewhat large role in Star Trek: Enterprise as Shran. His long-time association and his love of doing the Star Trek conventions have made him Trek royalty to a lot of fans.

Combs acting credits and skills are showcased throughout the entertainment world. Highlight his run on Justice League Unlimited as fan-favorite The Question and stealing the show as the creepy FBI agent Milton Dammers in the Frightneres. He also was the star of the cult classic horror film Re-Animator.

Combs legacy and fan approval should be the only thing that matters in him getting the role of Dr. Boyce. Sadly, we all know that’s never how it goes.