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‘The Good Fight’ cast is changing: Everything you need to know



People tend to avoid CBS All Access in the conversation about the streaming wars. If we can be real for a moment, it’s probably because most of their offerings aren’t good. We’ve talked about shows like Star Trek: Discovery and Picard before in painful detail. There’s just not anything to really delve into with what CBS All Access has to offer.

Well, except for The Good Fight. In the conversation of CBS All Access series that are worth watching, then it will always come down to The Good Fight. The spin-off of the beloved The Good Wife, which ran from 2009 to 2016 on CBS, follows Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) after she loses her savings in a financial scam that destroys the reputation of her goddaughter, Maia (Rose Leslie).

With a fifth season given a green light at CBS All Access, The Good Fight is considered to be the crown jewel of the programming offered there. Much like Legends of Tomorrow, The Good Fight is a bit more meta and weirder, but allows for a lot of fun as well. It’s one of those great shows that you’re not watching because no one wants to shell out the cash for CBS All Access.

Honestly, if CBS wants to fill the airwaves during quarantine, then they should have aired what they have of The Good Fight. Thatwould have been a goldmine in terms of ratings for them. 

Despite everything, however, The Good Fight will look very different in season five. Here’s why.

Exit number one

Last week, it was announced that Cush Jumbo was leaving. Jumbo, who has played Lucca Quinn since The Good Wife’s final season before moving over to the Good Fight, has exited the series. The Good Fight, like many shows, was given a shortened season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Robert and Michelle King, who created both series, are hoping that Jumbo will return in order to wrap up her character’s story line, which they planned on doing at the end of season four before everything happened. 

On her exit, Jumbo said, “Due to the pandemic forcing us to shut down early we weren’t able to wrap up Lucca’s story fully and so I hope if schedules allow I can return next season to do that.”

Exit number two

Jumbo isn’t the only original cast member of The Good Fight to exit ahead of season five. Delroy Lindo, who played Adrian Boseman on the series, also announced his exit in February 2020. He left the series in order to get a starring role in the pilot for potential ABC drama, Harlem’s Kitchen

The Kings hope to have Boseman return as a guest star in future episodes. Like Jumbo, they also hope he’s amenable to return for an episode or two of season five so they can wrap up his story line.

So how many episodes will The Good Fight season five have? 

We haven’t been given a number for the episodes yet. Usually, The Good Fight has 10-episode seasons, but the fourth season ended with seven episodes. Unfortunately, we won’t see the last three episodes of season four. They will not be added onto season five either. So the Kings are at square one, or, well, ending with Jeffrey Epstein’s penis and brain in cryo (yes, really).

No word has been given on production, but we’re thinking it’ll happen some point in 2021. Hopefully things will have calmed down with the virus by then. Hopefully.