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Amazing Star Trek melody takes fans through all the iconic themes

An amazing YouTube video by VioDance features the songs of Star Trek

Sometimes all you need is a green screen and a desire, and that’s what YouTubers  Davor Jelacic & Rebeca “Becky” Sanchez of Viodance had when they decided to make their melody video of all the Star Trek themes.

All the live-action shows are covered, from Star Trek: The Original Series, to Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, and Picard. The video is imposed on a green screen with what appears to be computer-generated layouts for all the ships and stations used in the expanded Star Trek series.

Unfortunately, no, they didn’t use Faith of the Heart for Enterprise’s theme. So it’s not perfect in my opinion. If my ears heard it right, I believe it was the theme for Jonathan Archer that they used instead of Faith of the Heart. While a lot of people may not like the theme and have their own love-hate relationship with it, I think it’s one of the best parts about Enterprise.

The first version, not the second one. The second one is not great.

The Deep Space Nine portion of the video was perfect. It felt like it always should’ve been just an acoustic violin playing the theme. It’s haunting yet beautifully done, in a way that makes one want to go back and watch the series all over again.

The transition from Deep Space Nine’s theme to Voyagers was stunning and perfect. While the entire video was beautiful, that transition was amazing and gave me chills.

If you like the video, you can donate to their Patreon account to help them make more killer music.

The group does good work, and they captured the essence of Star Trek’s music perfectly. Let us know down below which cover was your favorite in the comment section below.