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Here's PS5 As The USS Enterprise Just Because

One PlayStation 5 fan is so excited about the futuristic-looking console that they've added a whole new meaning to "the next generation," having transformed the PS5 into the USS Enterprise from the beloved Star Trek franchise. The newly unveiledhas received a warm welcome since its announcement earlier this week, and consumers are clearly enthusiastic about its 2020 release.

Sony’s traditional PlayStation look has been exchanged for a significantly different style more reminiscent of sci-fi for the console's next-gen iteration. While each of the previous models were solid black rectangles, the PS5 boasts a slick black interior with a curved white border and blue lighting casing, so such sleek, space-age design lines beg comparison to classic sci-fi tech. Appropriately, the PS5 looks remarkably like a certain spaceship with just a few tweaks and additions.

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Instagram user spdrmnkyxxiii fittingly depicts the PS5 as the USS Enterprise from Star Trek in an impressive and hilarious piece of digital fan art. While crossover pieces are commonplace within fandoms, the rendering of a real-life console into the Star Trek universe is undoubtedly unique. Simply turned on its side with the addition of a hull and warp engines, Sony’s new console would look right at home floating through Federation space. The posts caption, “The Final Frontier,” is of course a reference to original Enterprise Captain James T. Kirk's famous phrase. Though the fifth Star Trek movie, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, shares the name, it seems likely that the PS5 will receive a much better critical reception than the infamous Star Trek sequel.

Not only does the PS5 boast a sci-fi reminiscent look, but it also promises many futuristic features. The slim “Digital Edition” will function entirely on downloads and streaming, much like the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. It also boasts a custom, state-of-the-art solid-state drive (SSD) to significantly cut down on load times, further bridging the gaps between consoles and gaming PCs. The gaming industry has been trending towards entirely digital formats for some time now, and it seems Sony is ready to make the leap.

As more information is released about the fast-approaching PlayStation 5, it's growing clear that Sony is attempting to put themselves ahead of the industry’s trends. The console's new look certainly qualifies it for comical sci-fi comparisons, so it's anyone's guess how well or poorly the PS5's design will ultimately age. Sony may not have envisioned their product flying through space in the USS Enterprise’s stead, but it’s certainly not a bad look for the console. Despite controversy regarding the price of the PS5 and fears of its delay, Sony says it still plans to release the system this holiday season. The company is banking on the PS5’s many legitimate upgrades to set it apart in the next console generation.

Source: Instagram