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Star Trek: 10 Weirdest One-Off Senior Staff Romances

Star Trek was made to explore what might happen if humans got to travel the expanse for the galaxy and see all it has to offer. While it can be fun and campy, it often raises interesting psychological questions about dealing with other cultures and the conflicts that can come with that. Sometimes it's a celebration of science, history, philosophy, or all three at once.

But Star Trek also loves to delve into the more personal relationships between people, including the intimate relationships of each ship's own senior staff. Some romances were long-term and serious (Odo and Kira, Deanna and Will, Tom and B'Elanna) but others were short-lived and (often) highly ill-advised.

The crew didn't always have control of them, even.

10 Paris and Janeway

One of the most infamous Star Trek episodes is "Threshold", where Tom Paris gets infected, turns into a salamander, and makes Janeway his salamander wife.

Even though the two never showed romantic chemistry at any other point in the series, she was his chosen kidnap victim for this entire final act. The two even had babies. It was such an awkward choice that the two never discussed it again and neither did the show. If anything, Voyager acted like it hoped everyone would forget.

If only the fans actually could.

9 Ro and Riker

In one fantastic memory loss adventure, the entire crew of the Enterprise doesn't remember the people they used to be. There are friends arguing, different debates on rank, and more. Riker is the most Riker he's ever been, flirting with every woman he can. While Deanna and him have an obvious connection, he also connects with Ensign Ro, someone he normally argues with way too often. Without their memories in the way, their mutual attraction blossoms.

Once Riker and Ro are fixed, they do not try romance ever again. Ro Laren wasn't amused by his antics.

8 O'Brien and Kira

During Keiko O'Brien's second pregnancy, there was a shuttle crash that made it impossible for her to carry the baby safelt. In comes Kira as a fantastic surrogate, cementing her as a member of the O'Brien family.

While Kira is carrying their baby, she and O'Brien have some awkward near-miss moments of flirtation and chemistry. After all, they have to spend so much time together between work and baby-care. Luckily, nothing does happen between them, but neither of them will ever be able to forget their time stuck in a shuttle pod or their awkward massage.

7 Archer and T'Pol

Before T'Pol and Tucker were thrust together, Enterprise kept hinting at something happening between Archer and T'Pol. While the Vulcan kept her feelings to herself, it was clear that Archer had some feelings for her, particularly in episodes like "A Night in Sickbay".

They weren't quite nothing, but they also were never a couple. And with all of it being uncomfortable, no fan remembers it fondly.

Say all one might about T'Pol and Tucker, at least it's not her and Archer. That never would've went well.

6 Odo and Dax

Okay, correction, this romance was Curzon and Jadzia. However, it was Curzon's consciousness using Odo to convey his feelings. It seems Curzon was reluctant to join with Jadzia because of his deep romantic love he grew towards her, despite her younger age and candidacy to be his next host.

Finally, when he was free in Odo during a Trill ritual, Curzon admitted his feelings. But watching Odo and Jadzia in dark corners, talking low and affectionate, was really wild for those couple days.  If it was really them, Dax and Odo would be such a bizarre coupling.

5 Tuvix and Kes

In a transporter accident (like transporters do), Tuvok and Neelix fused into one singular being called Tuvix. Everything about his existence was complicated, but one of the most complicated parts was his relationship with Kes. As Kes was currently dating Neelix and Tuvok was her mentor, she didn't know how to deal with the mixed dynamic.

However, near the end of his combined life, they were starting to come to an understanding with one another.

That ended when Janeway forced Tuvix apart, thus making the uncomfortable couple days not matter at all.

4 Bashir and Kira

During a particularly hypersexual episode (a Star Trek tradition),  Bashir and Kira ended up lip-locked. And practically literally, they were attached the entirety of the end of the episode, all because of scifi hijinks.

While it was a funny experience (especially considering the actors were together in real life), but the pair were a real ill-fit. She's way too brash and he's way too full of himself. Both amazing characters, just not a great couple.

Plus side, they were a lot of fun in "Our Man, Bashir".

3 Tasha and Data

Though the bond between Tasha and Data was very wholesome and affectionate, their "relationship" during "The Naked Now" was a bit of an odd experience. Perhaps on their own, they could have had a cute little romance with time. However, anything involving "fully-functioning" parts gets a little cheesy. And who made her hair like that?

If only Tasha didn't leave, maybe they could have been a little more complex than the most awkward one night stand ever.

Considering she was chiller with being attracted to Lutan instead of Data, someone needed to have a chat with Tasha about her taste in men.

2 Kirk and Uhura

This is one of the most iconic moments in Star Trek history and it deserves it. However, if anyone knows Uhura and Kirk, they're not exactly a pair that makes much sense. Uhura is a creative, musical, level-headed woman who helped keep the bridge in order. Kirk is the hyper-passionate, bold captain who sometimes makes questionable leadership decisions.

And also in the context of the episode, they didn't exactly have their own memories and personalities.

Socially, this episode is fantastic. For the characters? It's weird.

1 Icheb and B'Elanna

Borg awkwardness is so fantastic, but one of the peak Borg social moments was Icheb's short-lived "romance" with B'Elanna Torres. When he was learning more about human social behaviors, he falsely mistook B'Elanna's mentor praise as romantic flirting. This is while she was married to Tom Paris, of course.

Icheb's "break-up" is one of those unsung fantastic moments in Voyager that more people should talk about. It was comedic gold.

Weird relationship, awkward scenario, but an awesome comedy to watch.