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Simon Pegg was "irked" over Star Trek role

Simon Pegg has a lot to thank J.J. Abrams for when it comes to boosting his blockbuster career, but he had a slightly unusual reaction to being offered the role of Scotty in Star Trek.

The actor first worked with the Star Warsdirector inMission: Impossible 3 before landing the role of the Starship Enterprise engineer.

And although he was naturally delighted to take on such an iconic character, he was kind of hoping he'd be offered the role over dinner. Not in a casual email.

"I got off an airplane, a flight from New York back to London. And opened my phone and there was an email from J.J. and it said ‘Do you want to play Scotty?’ And I was almost annoyed by that," he told Cinemablend.

"The tenacity of it irked me," he laughed. "Because you can’t just throw the ball into my court like that and expect me to smash it back. I need some time to think about it.

"But of course three or four days later I was like ‘Yes, of course!’ But it just felt like such a, like he was just handing me this massive opportunity, and I wanted dinner and a movie."

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It was a different story for his short part as Unkar Plutt in Star Wars, however, with actor being offered the role over dinner this time.

"Oddly when he did he offered me the role in Star Wars, he did take me out to dinner and offer me over dinner. [sic]"

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