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Star Trek: Voyager’s Garrett Wang nearly killed a Star Wars icon

Garrett Wang of Star Trek: Voyager recants time he nearly hit a Star Wars icon.

There’s a loose rivalry between the Star Trek and Star Wars fandom. Star Wars fans think their franchise is best, and Star Trek fans let them believe in fairy tails. Jokes aside, the two sci-fi franchises have long been the pillars of what near-perfection can be in the genre. So when you have two actors from the two different franchises interact because one nearly killed the other; well that’s how things go from bad to bat-crap crazy. Enter Star Trek: Voyager’s Garrett Wang.

On the Delta Flyer’s podcast, hosted by Wang and Star Trek: Voyager co-star Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris), Wang recanted the time he nearly ran over Harrison Ford while driving around the parking lot of the Paramount Studio set, where Voyager was filmed at. The incident occurred on the day he found out he landed the role of Harry Kim on the series and had been running late for his first date of work.

This is one of those stories nearly too good to be true. Wang nearly ran over Han Solo. How is that not the greatest story ever told from the set? Ford to his credit has had a history of near-misses. He’s an avid pilot and has not only saved someone before but nearly died before while flying his plane. It very much seems like someone or something is looking out for him.

I think it’s Bill Shatner, personally.

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