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Star Trek fan builds tiny U.S.S. Enterprise-D bridge model and it’s awesome

Check out one Star Trek fan’s tiny Enterprise-D model.

Sometimes you have to envy and respect the dedication of some in the fanbase. One Star Trek fan, Geoff Collard, from Somerset, England, spent 500 hours building a scale model of the bridge from the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. The level of detail in the model is staggering, and you can clearly see the amount of love and passion put into the project. For Collard, this was something to do during the Covid-19 pandemic, where he found himself working on it throughout the day during the lockdown in England.

The cost of the model isn’t something to scoff at either, as Collard believes he spent around $21,454 dollars on the model (17,000 pounds sterling). Looking at how much detail is in it, and hearing that he made the whole thing from scratch, it’s not hard to understand how high the price would be in order to get the model looking so good.

Collard, who’s a “model maker”, talks about how he had to shape, heat and bend all the pieces from nothing during his construction of the model. As I’d assume there’s very little demand for photo-realistic Star Trek bridge models, which isn’t too unexpected. The work has been so well received that many fans who see it assume that it’s a computer-generated image (CGI),

Something he’s glad about. Why wouldn’t he be? When you make something so fantastic that it confuses, fools, or makes people pause for a second before asking if it’s real has to be a wonderful experience for the creator.

The 500-hour build however was all-encompassing. It became a project that went with him all day, and would even be something he worked on in front of the television. It got to the point where he was sacrificing daily habits, like riding his bicycle. Not surprising to hear, after all, this type of dedication is something so different that most of us won’t be able to fathom.

So let’s all rejoice Trek fans, and marvel in the wonder that has become this tiny and ultra-detailed model and the man who created it.