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Star Trek: Next Gen Characters Could Appear In Lower Decks Animated Show

Star Trek: The Next Generation characters may appear in the upcoming animated show Star Trek: Lower Decks. As CBS All Access goes for maximum Trek coverage, the streamer is getting ready to add to its roster of shows with a new animated series focusing on the unsung worker bees of Starfleet.

Entitled Star Trek: Lower Decks, this new show is the brainchild of Mike McMahan, an executive producer on Rick and Morty and the co-creator of Hulu’s new series Solar Opposites. With that resume, McMahan is clearly a huge fan of both sci-fi and comedy, and indeed Lower Decks figures to take on some of the same mix of genres and sensibilities that inform both those other projects. Awhile back, fans were afforded a first look at the diverse array of characters who make up the cast of Lower Decks, as the 10-episode first season gets set to debut some time in 2020.

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Speaking to EW, McMahan recently offered some more juicy new details about Lower Decks, including a tantalizing hint about some possible future appearances by established Star Trek characters. Discussing the show’s setting – it takes place during the Next Generation era – McMahan teased:

Of course, CBS All Access has already revisited the Next Generation era with the show Picard, which brought back Patrick Stewart as the titular Starfleet legend along with Brent Spiner as Data, Jonathan Frakes as Riker and Marina Sirtis as Troi. After McMahan’s remarks, it seems some or all of the above may be in line to lend their voices to the new animated series. And there is of course a whole array of other Next Gen characters, from LeVar Burton’s Geordi La Forge to Gates McFadden’s Beverly Crusher to Wil Wheaton’s Wesley Crusher, who could join Stewart and the others in bringing back their characters in animated form.

Obviously, not all fans were thrilled with the way those Next Generation characters were brought back for Picard, but Lower Decks is obviously a different beast with its animated format and comedic tone. A funny encounter between the show’s new crew and a classic character like Picard or Data or La Forge could be highly entertaining, without feeling steeped in too much nostalgia (as Picard often was, in the wrong ways). It remains to be seen specifically how the Trek universe will be tackled in Star Trek: Lower Decks, but animation certainly gives McMahan and company a lot of freedom and with the show being set during the Next Generation era, it sounds like things are set up for some classic old-fashioned Trek adventures but with a more humorous spin.

Source: EW