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Patrick Stewart Teases Brent Spiner’s Return In Star Trek: Picard Season 2

One of the nicest things about Star Trek: Picard was catching up with old characters to see how they were doing. Jonathan Frakes’ Riker and Marina Sirtis’ Troi were my favorites, though seeing Brent Spiner’s Data again was also a highlight. One of the reasons it was so pleasant to see him was that Data died in Star Trek: Nemesis while sacrificing himself to save the Enterprise.

That didn’t mean he wasn’t a major player in the plot, though, as the core characters were his ‘daughters’ Dahj and Soji. Their personhood played a huge role in the first season, culminating in a showdown between a hidden enclave of synthetic lifeforms and Romulan extremists determined to wipe them out. And now, it seems that Brent Spiner will be back for more in season 2.

On Saturday, Patrick Stewart appeared on Contender’s Television where he discussed Star Trek: Picard and where things could go in the future, saying:

This is interesting because Data unambiguously died (for real!) at the end of the final episode. In the closing scenes, Picard discovered that Data’s personality was embedded in a quantum simulation based on salvaged memories of his time aboard the Enterprise. In this last meeting, Data asks Picard to delete his simulation, arguing that all he ever wanted was to experience life as a human and that dying is a part of living.

Data’s ending felt conclusive and Spiner has said he’s done with the character, so this is probably confirmation that he’s actually returning as synth scientist Dr. Altan Soong for season 2. Dr. Soong’s skills are suddenly very useful to Picard given that his consciousness now inhabits a ‘golem’ after his human body died. Indeed, writer Akiva Goldsman explained that Dr. Soong is intended to “create a platform for which there could be more Brent in ensuing seasons.”

Though the first run was a bit uneven, I’m looking forward to season 2 of Star Trek: Picard. Let’s hope COVID-19 doesn’t delay it too long.