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Zachary Quinto Says He’s Not Really Attached To Star Trek 4

While things are going great on the TV side of things, Star Trek at the movies has stalled over the past few years. 2016’s Star Trek Beyond was the last film in the series, with Paramount struggling to get another off the ground – for various reasons – ever since. If Star Trek 4is going to happen, though, Spock star Zachary Quinto says that he believes all the Kelvin cast would be “thrilled” to come back.

When speaking to to promote the second season of AMC’s NOS4A2, Quinto was asked about his future with the Trek franchise. He gave a well-worded, lengthy reply that praised the modern TV series for their success and voiced his interest in returning if the opportunity arose. However, he made clear that he’s not sitting at home just waiting for the phone to ring.

Quinto then elaborated on what he means by no longer being “attached” to the role. It seems he means this from an emotional, personal standpoint, rather than that he’s officially done as the Vulcan first officer. The actor expressed how much being part of the Trek universe means to him, but that he’s decided to take a healthy, “come what may” approach to the possibility of more voyages on the Starship Enterprise.

Quinto’s comments echo Scotty star Simon Pegg’s own recent remarks on ST4. Though Pegg seemed less open-minded about the possibility, it seems both actors – and presumably the rest of the cast – have not been contacted about doing a fourth film of late. This is curious, as the studio hired Fargo creator Noah Hawley to write and directStar Trek 4last November. It’s looking likely, then, that Hawley’s effort will be another reboot, something the filmmaker has previously hinted at.