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Star Trek parody film Unbelievable!!!! finally gets distribution partner

After four years of waiting, Star Trek parody Unbelievable!!!! has been picked up.

What if I told you that there was a movie, made up of about 40 Star Trek alum, that featured Snoop Dogg leading a bunch of plants in an alien invasion of the Earth and the only thing that can stop them is a marionette puppet that looks like an off-brand James Kirk; would you watch it? Well, that’s what’s up on deck for the Star Trek parody film, Unbelievable!!!!

The film stars Star Trek: Voyager’s Garrett Wang and Tim Russ, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Chase Masterson, as well as voice actor Kevin Carlson. The four will be joined by rap-con Snoop Dogg, as well as a slew of Trek actors ranging from the original series (Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig) to Star Trek: Enterprise (Linda Park, Connor Trinneer).

The film’s trailer appears to paint the film as an over-the-top, so-bad-it’s-good (hopefully), slapstick affair. A hoard of Trek actors can be seen in the trailer, as well as one still-angry Kirk nemesis.

Deadline has a whole list of Trek cast members for the film, which you can see below.

Joining all of them will include indy actor Michael Madsen, as well as over-the-top comedian Gilbert Godfried.

The Facebook page for the film posted a small message after news broke that the film had been acquired by Indie Rights.

The film is scheduled to be available through the Virtual Cannes Film Market starting today for a short time period.