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Star Trek: Picard – 3 Deep Space Nine characters that should be in season 2

Star Trek: Picard has fans wanting to see reunion after reunion, so here are three Deep Space Nine characters that should appear.

With Star Trek: Picard gearing up for a second season, the talk of who should be apart of the series is all over the place. In the first season, we got Will Riker, Deanna Troi, and Seven of Nine to name a few. While it was cool to see Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager represented, it’d be awesome to see more characters from the Trek-verse pop-up, namely from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

That series changed so much about Trek canon, and to not include any of the more monumental characters would be a huge disservice. That series did a lot to reinvent so many of the interpersonal relationships among Star Fleet and the rest of the Alpha (and Beta) Quadrants. With Romulus’ destruction, does that mean the Cardassians found their power again? Did a new force find their way into the area?

A lot of questions to answer, but only one that fans want to know; What happened to our favorite characters? Picard would give a lot back to fans by answering that question as often as possible throughout season two. So why not bring back these three characters to fill fans in about what’s been going on with the rest of the universe?


After the events of Deep Space Nine, Worf was left without a wife after the death of Jadzia Dax. Star Trek: Nemesis really didn’t have a lot of time to flush out the complicated interpersonal relationships like the series could. So Worf’s mental and emotional state was largely pushed into the background. While Worf did deal with Jadzia’s death in DS9’s final season, to see what Worf has become after such an emotional loss would be interesting. Is he the same stoic man he once was or has he found a more primal part of his being he’s long since forgotten?

Kira Nerys

Kira Nerys was left essentially in charge of Deep Space Nine at the end of the series and had become one of Bajor’s biggest names. Did she have a career worth remembering or did Bajor fall apart in the ensuing years, leaving Nerys broken over a lost opportunity? Even though Picard has told viewers some of what’s been happening outside of his bubble, there’s still so much we don’t know. Nerys’ involvement would help shrink the universe in that regard.


The symbiote Dax would be a fun idea. To have a character who has so many memories of Benjamin Sisko having to butt heads with Picard over matters of ethics and diplomacy would be riveting. The reason why it’s just Dax and not Ezri Dax is to open up the possibility of another Trill host being introduced for one reason or another. If they want to bring back Nicole de Boer and have her be a more confident, fiery personality, that’d be fine. You can also use an established character to bring in a new one, which could also be a unique twist too. This option gives you a lot to work with.