Star Trek Guide

Don’t expect anything Earth shattering from Star Trek at the [email protected] event

With the global pandemic and three new shows in the works, don’t expect any major announcements from the Star Trek event.

Star Trek is taking part in the home-streaming version of San Diego ComicCon, entitled Star Trek will take part in the event, and will feature cast and crew for Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks. Appearances from cast and crew of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds are expected but with production halted on just about everything at the moment industry-wide, whatever they announce will still be a long way off from happening.

There’s also a fifth series, a pending animated Trek show for Nickelodeon that has had next to no information about it come out. Outside of anything for a series, like a character returning, a special guest star joining a show, or some sort of air date announcement, no real major announcement should be expected at this year’s panel.

A new film, a new series, a reboot, a new video game; whatever it is you think could be hinted at this year is just not something that makes sense. Not with everything on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Considering ViacomCBS already has four shows in active development right now, and a fifth on the way, there’s no real reason to announce a sixth series or a new movie. There’s too much Trek already to keep up with.

There’s always the possibility that something does get announced, for good or bad. A reboot franchise, a new movie, or the possibility of a show like Discovery’s third season being its last are possible. Just mathematically speaking, not likely.

Sure, there will be some announcements. Maybe that LaVar Burton will guest-star in an episode of Picard. Is that Earth-shattering? No, it’s expected. Still cool, still worth getting happy about. Just not something one would define as a major surprise is all. This could all be wrong, and that possibility exists, just remember to temper expectations in the event nothing major does get announced.

The Star Trek Universe panel is on Thursday, July 23 at 1:00 PM EST on the official SDCC YouTube Channel.