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Star Trek: A fully functioning tricorder is coming in 2021

Have you ever wanted a classic Star Trek tricorder? Well in 2021, you can!

Star Trek has always been cutting edge with its technology. They’ve predicted cell phones, tablets, and all sorts of cool gizmos and tech. For many, the Star Trek tricorder is one of the coolest things ever created in Trek. The one made most famous was the small, handheld tricorder used across Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager but many older fans will tell you that the larger bulkier tricorder from the original series is what made them believe in the scientific future.

Well, the Wand Company has your hook up if you want that classic tricorder in your home. The device is going to cost $250 and will be available starting 2021. According to the Wand Company, the device is an accurate replica of the tricorder and has been developed for years after extensive research. The company used 3D scans of the last remaining screen-used prop to get the dimensions. It’s as near perfect to the original as you can get.

It’s also fully functional.

The product boasts a full-color LCD display that shares information stored in the tricorder. It also has dynamic data gathered by sensors and it’s audio is fully functioning. According to the developer, the device can measure the environment, scan radio frequencies, and record audio. It’s hailed as the “most sophisticated prop replica ever designed”.

While you won’t be able to go around scanning for lifeforms and observing scientific discoveries, as far as replica’s go, this one’s pretty awesome. The look is sleek and modern while still capturing the essence of the original.

If this isn’t enough, another fan built an authentic and functional computer based off of the Star Trek: The Next Generation design. While these aren’t cheap, if you’re a Star Trek collector, these are worthy pieces to add to your collection.