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Star Trek: Picard – 5 most powerful scenes in season 1

Star Trek: PIcard had many standout scenes in its first season.

The series might have started off slow, according to fans, but it quickly gained its footing and delivered some heart-wrenching and fulfilling moments. Out of ten episodes, it’s difficult to pick which scenes stood out the most in Star Trek: Picard, but these are my top five.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard.

Dr. Agnes Jurati kills Bruce Maddox

We saw scenes of the closeness that existed between Agnes and Bruce and assumed she couldn’t wait to find him, that she was holding out hope that he was still alive. Imagine our shock when she murders her lover instead of helping him. It’s a jaw-dropping moment which reveals that she is a spy for the Romulans.

Narek tries to kill Soji

We knew he was a spy, that he got close to Soji to get information from her, but seeing them together, we had to believe he actually had feelings for her. But then he locks her in a room with poisonous gas and walks away. It took him one step further over the dark edge, and I hated what his betrayal did to Soji.

Captain Riker’s return to assist Picard

Just when Picard and his crew are outnumbered, when they are flanked by too many Romulan vessels to even have a hope of succeeding, a Federation ship shows up with Captain Will Riker at the helm.  He tells Commodore Oh that he’s going to ask her one time to stand down. While she initially decides to fight, Riker’s command of “weapons hot, deflectors to full” soon changes her mind. And the Romulans scurry off. It’s the power of friendship in less than three minutes.

Picard’s death and Raffi’s grief

The crew knew it was coming. Still, when Picard’s body gave out on him, and he closed his eyes in death, Raffi’s grief was palpable. She couldn’t imagine a world without Picard in it, and who could blame her? She’s just gotten him back and had lost him again. Another heart-wrenching moment all about the bond of friendship. And speaking of friendship…

The final moments of Data’s life

When Picard died, he met with Data in a “complex quantum simulation,” where Data asked him for a favor. Knowing Picard would be returning to life, Data wanted to end his and asked Picard to “terminate his consciousness.” Though it was horribly painful for Picard to even consider, he gave his word, and as “Blue Skies” plays on a record player, Picard sits next to Data, holding his hand in the simulation while the commander closes his eyes for the final time. It’s beautiful, painful, and memorable.

So many other moments could have gone on this list, but these five, to me, are the most poignant and powerful of all scenes. What about you?