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Star Trek: Prodigy announced as title for long hinted at Nickelodeon

Star Trek: Prodigy announced as the title for long hinted at Nickelodeon

During the Trek panel for SDCC@Home panel, the long-discussed Nickelodeon show has finally be revealed and it has a name. It will be called Star Trek: Prodigy and will air on Nickelodeon in 2021. The premise of the show will focus on a group of “lawless” teenagers who take a derelict Starfleet ship as their own in order to have adventures, find meaning and salvation.  The series is being developed by Kevin and Dan Hageman (“Trollhunters” and “Ninjago”) and overseen for Nickelodeon by Ramsey Naito, EVP, Animation Production, and Development, Nickelodeon.

The series is the fifth Star Trek show, including Star Trek’s Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds. With Star Trek: Prodigy now on the books as well, that makes five series co-existing with one another at the same time.

Unlike Lower Decks, Prodigy will be strictly an all-ages show, geared towards a younger demographic. The Lower Decks series, however, will feature an explicitly more mature type of humor and will cater to an older audience.

Now that the Nickelodeon show has been revealed, what are your thoughts? Are there too many Trek shows? Does each show fill a specific niche? Let us know what you think down below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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