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Star Trek: Every SDCC 2020 Reveal About Discovery, Picard, & Lower Decks

Here's every major reveal from the SDCC 2020 Star Trek panel. Right about now, San Diego should be a utopia of geekdom - a city of elaborate cosplay, celebrities of film and TV and some juicy news about forthcoming releases. Due to the current global pandemic, that isn't happening, but SDCC have found a way to bring the comic con fun directly to fans in these strange times with SDCC At Home. The event includes a series of pre-recorded panels with (almost) all of the usual shows and stars.

Thursday morning's big attraction was the hour-long Star Trek panel covering all of CBS' forthcoming TV projects. Included were Star Trek: Discovery, which is currently gearing up for its third season, Star Trek: Picard, in the process of developing season 2, and Lower Decks, due to premiere next month. The panel also revealed that the previously announced animated Star Trek series on Nickelodeon would be titled Star Trek: Prodigy.

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Given the low-key nature of the panel compared to regular SDCC years, it's perhaps not surprising that the Star Trek session didn't include the usual big trailer released and seismic announcements, but with so much going on in the world of Trek on CBS: All Access, there was still plenty to digest for each of the three main shows.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Lower Decks premieres August 6th on CBS: All Access.