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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Sets October 2020 Premiere Date

CBS All Access has set an official premiere date for Star Trek: Discoveryseason 3. As the first of the new Star Trek shows, Discovery first debuted in September 2017 amid a flurry of excitement. While dedicated Star Trek fans took some time to warm up to this revamped, action-packed series, Discovery proved to be a hit for CBS All Access and received a second season in early 2019. The final moments of Discovery season 2 saw Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) leading her fellow crewmates into a wormhole that will take them into the 32nd century.

While season 2 ended all the way back in April 2019, Discovery season 3 has been slow to arrive. Production took place last year, and fans even got a teaser in the fall at New York Comic-Con, which showed Burnham and the others adjusting to the unfamiliar frontier of the future. However, the coronavirus pandemic slowed post-production efforts, leading some to wonder if season 3 could be delayed. The most recent update had arrived back in May, when star Wilson Cruz confirmed work was still ongoing. Clearly, though, things have progressed since then.

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CBS All Access has now revealed that Discovery season 3 will arrive on October 15. The announcement was shared alongside a short teaser of Burnham planting a Federation flag on an unknown planet, an image that was actually shared months ago. Now, though, it's finally accompanied by an official release date.

This Discovery season 3 announcement comes on the heels of the Star Trek Universe Comic-Con@Home panel, which saw much of the cast gather to read the script for the season 2 finale. It was rather surprising that the premiere date didn't arrive with the Comic-Con panel, though clearly CBS has decided not to wait much longer to unveil the date. Now fans will be eagerly awaiting a fresh trailer, which is bound to emerge in the coming weeks.

The gap between Discovery seasons 2 and 3 is much longer than fans were hoping, but now an ending is in sight. It's likely that Discovery was aiming to premiere sometime this summer, and it only got moved to October because of the longer post-production timeline. However, as CBS All Access never even named a tentative date, it's hard to say. Regardless, less than three months remain before Star Trek fans will finally see what the future holds for Burnham and the rest of Discovery's crew. Beyond season 3, Discovery was reportedly renewed for a fourth season back in January, though CBS has yet to officially announce it. Perhaps things will get clearer once fall arrives.

Star Trek: Discoveryseason 3 will premiere on CBS All Access on October 15.

Source: CBS All Access