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Star Trek Discovery Theory: Georgiou Is A Season 3 Villain

Empress Georgiou could return to her villainous ways in Star Trek: Discovery season 3. Before the Discovery set sail on its maiden voyage in 2017, Michelle Yeoh was presented as a main player alongside Sonequa Martin-Green's Burnham, but this proved to classic subterfuge, as Philippa Georgiou was killed in the series premiere by an especially angry Klingon. Thankfully, Yeoh's role in Star Trek: Discovery was far from over, as the Mirror universe iteration of Georgiou, coincidentally the leader of the Terran Empire, made her way to the Prime universe and joined the Star Trek: Discovery cast proper.

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At first, Mirror Georgiou was typically treacherous, and Starfleet had to coerce her into cooperating with their plans. In Star Trek: Discovery season 2, however, Georgiou gravitated rapidly into protagonist territory. The relationship between Georgiou and Burnham strengthened, and streaks of humanity began to shine through the Empress' iron demeanor. A stint with Section 31 allowed Georgiou to simultaneously work for Starfleet and break the law, but when Control started to dominate, Georgiou soon became a semi-trusted ally. Yeoh's character was part of the Discovery crew propelled into the future at the end of season 2, leaving her in alien territory once again.

Viewers would be forgiven for thinking that Georgiou might continue her virtuous growth when Star Trek: Discovery season 3 premieres, but that isn't necessarily the case. In fact, speaking on this year's virtual SDCC Star Trek Universe panel, Yeoh hinted that the Terran inside Georgiou is still very much active, and still very much in pursuit of power. And despite her recent development as a character, this arguably makes more sense than turning Empress Georgiou into a fully-fledged protagonist.

In Star Trek: Discovery season 2, Georgiou had little choice but to begrudgingly work alongside Starfleet. Alone in the Prime universe, the Empress was stripped of resources, fleets and power, and while she still possessed her wits, guile and determination, this was hardly enough in the face of the entire Federation. It made sense for Georgiou to sit back, bide her time, and gain a position of relative trust. Star Trek: Discovery season 3, however, is set 900 years in the future, and this could work entirely in Georgiou's favor. For once, the Discovery crew and Mirror Georgiou will both be on the same footing, feeling equally alien in unfamiliar surroundings. If Georgiou has been waiting for the perfect moment to strike since her removal from the Prime universe, then this is it.

The Star Trek: Discovery season 3 trailer adds even more fuel to the villainous Georgiou fire. The footage shown so far depicts a Federation in disarray. Only a few stars remain on the flag, there's war in the galaxy and Starfleet is a distant memory. Something in the timeline has apparently gone horribly wrong, and it's up to Burnham and the gang to figure out how to fix it. But to Georgiou, a weakened Federation could be a golden opportunity. Georgiou alone could never have divided the Prime universe's Starfleet-backed Federation, but 900 years in the future, the winds of discontent are already blowing. Georgiou could be the ideal leader to unify the disparate Federation defectors and essentially start a brand new Terran Empire, while the Discovery crew would be more or less powerless to stop her, no longer having the "home field advantage."

It was somewhat heartwarming watching Mirror Georgiou and Burnham grow closer in Star Trek: Discovery's second season, but Yeoh's character perhaps has more value as an antagonist. The scathing retorts, crass brutality and simmering inner hatred became highlights of Empress Georgiou, and it'd be fascinating to witness her fully unleashed in the Prime universe, building a new empire from scratch. With that said, Georgiou is unlikely to be the main villain of Star Trek: Discovery season 3, with that honor almost certainly reserved for a brand new character.

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 is currently without a release date.