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The Wrath of Khan producer’s new script should include William Shatner

Wrath of Khan producer, Robert Sallin, has a new script underway.

Though Noah Hawley is supposedly working on a new Star Trekscript, it will be for the Kelvin timeline. Robert Sallin, who produced the massively successful Star Trek: Wrath of Khan movie in 1982, is writing one as well, but he assuredStar Trek fans that his will be part of the canon.

Star Trek: Wrath of Khan grossed approximately 94 million dollars (equivalent to 257 million as of 2019) against a 12 million budget in 1982 and was considered to be one of the best, if not the best, Star Trek film. Robert Sallin clearly knows what type of script works best for Star Trek fans.

Although the movies set in the Kelvin timeline were successful, they were missing something Star Trek fans wanted most of all—the original characters inside the Prime universe. With the exception of Spock, none of the actors from Star Trek:TOS, were included. Combine that with the major changes in Captain Kirk and his personality (he’d been forced to grow up without a father), and the films lacked much of a connection to the original series other than the names of the characters.

But Robert Sallin could bring some of those characters back in his script, including William Shatner’s Captain Kirk. As has been mentioned, Shatner has said that he’d love to revive Captain Kirk with certain conditions. Sallin would certainly know how to meet those conditions and provide an optimal script that would give Shatner a reason to return. And adding Shatner’s Kirk to the script is bound to excite fans who still believe he is the one and only captain of the Enterprise.

Shatner won’t agree to reprise his role for merely a cameo, and that is less than Captain Kirk deserves anyway. If he’s going to appear on screen again, he should have a major role as fans have been waiting since 1994 to see their captain back in action. Perhaps Robert Sallin will make it happen.

Do you hope Sallin’s script will include Captain Kirk? What do you think it will take for William Shatner to return? Share your thoughts in the comments below.