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Despite possible flaws, Star Trek: Picard and Short Treks earned their Emmys Nominations

Star Trek: Picard and Short Treks earned their Emmy nominations.

Maybe it’s because StarTrek: Picard and Short Treks sare relatively new, maybe it’s because people just hate anything that isn’t how they remember it or maybe the new Star Trek is just bad, that’s all speculative. Yet for whatever reason you may have for disliking the new series, justified or not, their Emmy nominations are deserved. Even if you’re not a fan of the shows.

Star Trek, since it’s inception, has always had cutting edge special effects and makeup work. Especially makeup work. Most successful sci-fi series do. It’s really hard to have a science fiction show without a strong makeup and prosthetics department. So seeing Star Trek: Picard get three nominations for hair and makeup, non-prosthetics makeup and prosthetics work is impressive but not unexpected.

Star Trek: Picard also received nods for its sounds mixing, earning another two Emmy nominations.

Short Treks, not to be out downed, was nominated for Outstanding Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series. Short Treks is a short-form video series that featured more comical takes on life in Starfleet. For a complete list of the categories, the shows they’re up against, and which individuals are specifically nominated, go check out Trek Movies as they have a complete listing.

While it’s true shows have to submit their own work for review, usually, hundreds of shows nominate themselves for categories, so Star Trek getting nominated isn’t something to thumb your nose at. Sure, there might be some fair criticism against the modern forms of Star Trek, but what isn’t in dispute is that the series has a history of amazing makeup and prosthetic artistry.

Even dating back to the ’60s.

The work deserved to be celebrated, especially for the work done on Star Trek: Picard, which had some amazing visuals and imagery. The folks who work the makeup chairs for that show should feel very proud that their work is being so well received.