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Jeri Ryan should’ve starred in Star Trek: Nemesis as Seven of Nine

Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine was supposed to have a large role in Star Trek: Nemesis.

Jeri Ryan was going to have a major role in Star Trek: Nemesis, returning to her role as Seven of Nine. Ryan, who cites a fear of never being able to break away from Star Trek, turned down not just the film role but also a walk-on cameo. Her reasoning? She didn’t want to miss time on Boston Public (not to be confused with Boston Legal; the William Shatner lead show).

By Ryan’s own words, it seemed the role she was to play in the film was going to be a large one, indicating that her filming would take a few months to complete. This certainly makes it obvious that the folks at Paramount were aware of Ryan’s popularity thanks to Star Trek: Voyager, and wanted to inject her into the film. Even if it didn’t make any sense, as Ryan’s character had never met the crew of The Enterprise before the events of the film.

Granted, her meeting them could’ve been the point of the film, but that’s not known.

According to Trekmovie, Ryan was clear about wanting to break away from her Star Trek notoriety.

She also believed she didn’t fit in with the crew as a character, going on to say;

The movie ended up having a Voyager cameo, after all, Kate Mulgrew, who was returned as Kathryn Janeway, an admirable at this point in the story.

Ryan should’ve taken the role, all things considered. While it’s her right to navigate her career the way she wants, turning down a lucrative role just to be taken more seriously as an actress is a bit foolish. Many actors have found great success steering into the genres that made them famous. From Karl Urban to Zoe Saldana, numerous careers have been springboarded because they didn’t shy away from being typed-cast.

Since the end of Boston Public, she’s had one major roll on a series, Body of Proof, which only lasted 42 episodes. While it’s unlikely that Nemesis would’ve led to her becoming the next big star, she certainly cost her self in the long run by not giving it a fair shot. Plus, she eventually returned to Star Trek anyway.

So really, what was the point?


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