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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3's New Future Starfleet Logo Revealed

A new Starfleet logo has been revealed for Star Trek: Discovery season 3. The first two seasons of Discovery are set roughly a decade prior to the events of the original Star Trek series, a decision that has led to some controversial developments in the franchise's timeline. In the season 2 finale, however, Discovery's crew find themselves flung some 900 years into the future, winding up in the 32nd century. This far in the future, Starfleet as they knew it no longer exists, and that might explain why this new Starfleet logo looks so unusual.

Starfleet’s logo, known as the delta shield, has changed a great deal over the years. The delta shield began as a patch on the crew members uniforms with a specific symbol at its heart which signified what department or division of the ship a character worked for in the original Star Trek seriesIn Star Trek: The Next Generation, the logo became a pin that doubled as a communicator and homing beacon for characters on the show. The pin style logo remained throughout other Star Trek shows, but the delta shield design changed based on the characters rank and department within Starfleet. At least, that had been the case until new Star Trek: Discovery season 3 promotional images revealed a different design for the iconic logo.

CBS All Access has released a new promotional shot (via ComicBook) for Star Trek Discovery season 3 featuring Sonequa Martin-Green's Michael Burnham a partial view of Starfleet’s new logo is visible. Crewmembers' rank and department still appear to also be represented on the badge, but what's immediately noticeable is that it's now an oval shape instead of the standard delta shield. The oval shape is similar to the Bajoran combadges from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, possibly implying there's a connection. Check out Star Trek: Discovery season 3 new Starfleet logo, below.

The Bajorans are an alien species and were introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation where many joined Starfleet. In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Bajorans officially requested membership to the United Federation of Planets, which there were later provided. With this knowledge it is feasible that in the distant future the Federation and Bajor formed an official alliance which merged the Bajorn Starfleet and the Federation Starfleet, thus leading to a new logo which combines the styles is the delta shield and the Bajoran combadges.

With much of Discovery season 3’s plot left as a mystery, at least one thing is certain: the Federation’s version of Starfleet no longer exists. The badge Michael is seen wearing in this promotional image, however, implies that some organization has taken its place. Whether it's some combination with the Bajorians or another alien race remains to be seen. The fact that Michael appear in uniform with the insignia, though, certainly suggests that she and the Discovery crew have joined them, whoever they are. Hopefully, it won't take long for Star Trek: Discoveryseason 3 to reveal the fate of Starfleet and the truth of its replacement when the CBS All Access series return in October.

Source: CBS All Access (via ComicBook)