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3 New Star Trek Movie Ideas Being Considered

In an effort to bring Star Trek back to the silver screen, three ideas for the next film in the franchise are currently under consideration by Paramount. Star Trek is alive and well in the streaming world, with CBS All Access pumping out original series on a regular basis. There hasn't been a film for the franchise since 2016's Star Trek Beyond, however, leaving a noticeable void for a property that hasn't gone this long without a film since prior to the 2009 reboot.

All recent Star Trek energy has been infused into reviving the franchise's standing in the television world. After the successful launch of Star Trek: Discovery in 2017, the development of new shows has come at a furious rate. Star Trek: Picard debuted earlier in 2020, and Star Trek: Lower Decks premiered just this week. There's at least one animated series and live-action series from the Star Trek world still in development, promising the lineup will remain stacked for years to come.

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The film franchise remains at a standstill, though. Deadline reports Paramount film chief Emma Watts is currently leading the charge in determining where to go next, with three ideas in the mix. A leading contender remains a Star Trek film scripted by Noah Hawley, although the plans for that movie are currently on pause. Not helping matters is a script that may center on a virus, a sensitive topic at this moment.

Another idea under consideration is a film from Mark L. Smith that Quentin Tarantino would've directed, although the latter is no longer involved with the project. That film would be based on a previous Star Trek episode that took place in a 1930s setting. Finally, there's one movie idea that would reunite members of the reboot cast, potentially including Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth in a time travel tale. S.J. Clarkson was previously going to direct that project, but that's no longer the case.

Frankly, each of these ideas come with pros and cons. It would be exciting to see the cast return again but could be equally interesting to see new actors enter the detailed world of Star Trek. The Smith film would mark a departure for the franchise but losing Tarantino as director could be a detriment to the project. Either way, for Star Trek to keep boosting its popularity, it will need to get out from behind the CBS All Access subscription paywall and get back into movie theaters. Any of the proposed film ideas would accomplish that goal. Star Trek Beyond was a box office disappointment, and it continues to linger without any new films firmly on the way. Watts has a big decision ahead of her as she looks to bring Star Trek back to theaters.

Source: Deadline