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Star Trek Theatrical Return is Paramount’s Priority

The Star Trek movie franchise has been in suspended animation for four years, but that may not be the case for much longer.

According to Deadline, Paramount is making Star Trek’s theatrical return their priority. Emma Watts, the company’s new film chief, is currently figuring out how to make this a reality. But this has meant that a sacrifice needed to be made.

Indeed, director Noah Hawley’s project has been put on hold until Watts comes up with a way to reinvigorate the stale movie franchise. The Lucy in the Sky helmsman was in final talks to write and direct a fourth Star Trek movie in November 2019, producing alongside J.J Abrams and Bad Robot.

However, just because Hawley’s film has been paused doesn’t mean it won’t see the light of day. Deadline‘s sources indicate the 53-year-old filmmaker has not been fired just yet. However, it does mean that his story, which heavily centered around a Pandemic, might be spin-off material as opposed to being in the mainstream canon.

As Watts strives to revitalize the frozen franchise, it highlights the fourth film’s long and tumultuous development history. For a long time, Quentin Tarantino was attached to direct the film, with writer Mark L. Smith set to pen a script based on the director’s pitch.

Then in April 2018, it was announced that another Star Trek film was in development, with S. J. Clarkson directing. However, Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth left the film due to pay cuts stemming from Star Trek Beyond‘s Box Office losses. Hemsworth would later state that he turned it down because he disliked the script.

In November 2019, when Hawley’s film was announced, the stars of the first three ‘Abramverse’ flicks – including Chris Pine – were allegedly set to return, although Simon Pegg later claimed he had no knowledge of the cast’s return.

Finally, though, in December 2019, Tarantino left his proposed film in favor of pursuing a lower-budget project. He reckoned that it “might” be made but without his input.

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