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Star Trek: The 10 Weirdest Official Merch You Can Buy

Star Trek has remained one of the most popular science-fiction franchises since it's creation in the 1960s. Since then it has gone on to inspire every generation with its unique blend of exploration and introspection.

Spawning multiple series the franchise is no stranger to merchandise tie-in, with everything a Star-Trek fan could wish to buy from uniforms to phasers. But not all this merchandise makes a lot of sense, and there are more than a few items that no one in their right mind would ever want to own. With this in mind here are the 10 weirdest pieces of official Star Trek merchandise you can buy.

10 Star Trek/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are no stranger to action figures, with every new cartoon and movie offering up a new line of plastic fun. But in 1994 the mutant brothers crossed over with Star Trek to produce one of the most bizarre toy lines of recent memory.

While the toys are cool and offer a lot of novelty value its difficult to understand who they are aimed at and... just why?

9 U.S.S. Enterprise Pizza Cutter

At some point, someone decided that all Star Trek fans must love pizza, which is not a crazy assumption. But, was a pizza cutter shaped like the U.S.S. Enterprise really necessary?

The resemblance isn't bad and it's safe to assume it does a decent job at its job, but this sort of merchandise really doesn't reflect well on the brand and makes it look a little desperate. When the crew set out to boldly go where no man has gone before, we don't think this is what they meant.

8 Star Trek Spork

The Star Trek produced and licensed spork is truly one of the most bizarre pieces of merchandise the franchise has ever spawned, and while the utensil offers a lot of practical use, it also shows no self-awareness what so ever.

It takes itself far too seriously and its packaging welcomes anyone who purchases the cross-bred implement into the Star Fleet Academy. On top of all that the spork itself it plain and basic, offering very little fun for anyone who is a fan of the franchise. Would it have killed them to put a Spock on the spork?

7 Star Trek Mashmallow Dispenser

Produced in 1989 to coincide with the release of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the Star Trek marshmallow dispenser is straight out of the movie and does exactly what you'd expect.

The device is completely redundant and only serves to give you more things to clean after eating, just keep them in the bag they came in. The futuristic device also comes equipped with a fork and spoon, although why you would need them when eating marshmallows is unknown.

6 Barbie and Ken Gift Set

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original series no expense was spared and a special collectors gift set was releases that saw Barbie and Ken swap their usually trendy apparel for Star Trek uniforms and a phaser.

The dolls are one of the most bizarre pieces of merchandise available since it's one of the strangest franchise cross-over ever.

5 Star Trek Dinnerware Set

If you're are a Star Trek fan then everyone who comes to eat at your home should know as soon as they sit down to start their meal. For that fan the Star Trek: The Next Generation dinnerware set is perfect, for everyone else it pretty tacky.

It's the kind of product that exists solely to be given as a gift for some you don't know all that well but know likes the sci-fi franchise. Even for the biggest fan, these plates will forever remain in the cupboard.

4 Next Generation Spoons

At some point, someone decided that Star Trek fans were fanatical about cutlery and all things fine dining, hence the creations of a series of elegant Next Generation spoons.

The high-quality spoons feature the faces of fan-favorite characters such as Captain Picard and Data on the handle of each implement. While nice its almost impossible to imagine anyone actually using these spoons to eat with and the illogical decisions that led to their creation would no doubt befuddle Spock.

3 Star Trekulator

Pointless merchandise is by no means a new concept and 1976 saw the creation of the Star Trekulator. Featured in the series the trekulator can do everything a regular calculator can do, including add, subtract, and everything in between.

However, unlike the one featured in the series, this one features a bizarre sticker of Kirk and Spock above the display for moral support when completing some of your more tricky trekulations.

2 Star Trek Metal Detector

1976 was a big year for Star Trek-inspired tat and saw the release of a Star Trek metal detector. While it may be pointless the metal detector can fetch a decent price on online auction sites, with some selling for over $200.

The metal detector's plain appearance makes it one of the most underwhelming pieces of merchandise available and would no doubt disappoint any child receiving it on Christmas morning.

1 Star Trek Putty

1979 saw the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the first in a long line of Star Trek movies. Like all big-budget movies of the time, a lot of merchandise was released, including action figures and ships which entertained fans of the franchise.

But the movie also inspired a bizarre blue putty. This putty does not feature in the movie and is simply an arbitrary object strapped into some Star Trek packaging. Above all else, it's a lazy product that has no business being associated with the series.