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Star Trek: 10 Things That Need To Be In Season 2 Of Picard

For fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the first season of Star Trek: Picard was a bit of a mixed bag. The sequel series showed viewers a Jean-Luc Picard who had retired from Starfleet and was living a quiet life on his winery until an android named Dajh showed up and sent the good captain on a new mission.

Reactions to Star Trek: Picard were mostly positive, but some fans had issues with it. Some were happy to see Picard back, while others felt that the show was too grim and action-oriented, following in the footsteps of more recentStar Trek fare like Discovery. In any case, fans of Star Trek are hopeful that the second season will work past the issues of season one and bring us all something special. But to get that special Star Trek feeling, there are some things that the show may need.

10 Geordi La Forge

While fans were delighted to see Will Riker and Deanna Troi show up, there was one specific crew member of the Enterprise whose absence seemed odd. On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Data's closest friend was the Enterprise's chief engineer, Geordi La Forge. With the offspring of Data being such a huge part of the first season of Picard, not including Geordi in the story seems like a huge mistake.

Adding to the weirdness of it is the role Geordi played in the series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation when we see a retired Picard getting a visit from him. TNG's ending seemed to set up what Picard was looking for, but for whatever reason, that moment wasn't paid off. Hopefully, Geordi will show up for season two and get a chance to meet Data's descendent, Soji.

9 Repercussions

One of Picard's crew, Dr. Agnes Jurati, murdered Bruce Maddox in the medical bay of the La Sirena hoping to keep Picard from finding out the truth. When Dr. Jurati admits to the murder and explains how she was working for the Romulans, Picard instantly forgives her. Forgiveness is great, but Dr. Jurati did murder a man and should probably spend some time in prison or at least be put on trial.

The show is also vague about the state of the Romulan Empire, which saw its system destroyed when their sun went nova. We know they're still out there, and they have a pretty big armada of ships, but where are they based and what is their plan? And is the Federation just going to let the Romulans walk away after they planted spies in high ranking Starfleet positions?

8 Q

Probably the most iconic adversary from Star Trek: The Next Generation is Q, the godlike being who really liked to mess around with Picard. When Star Trek: Picard was first announced, no one would have blamed fans for thinking that Q would be the main antagonist for the season, but there wasn't even a mention of the omnipotent being in the show.

Maybe the show's creators didn't want to rush into using one of the most famous villains in Star Trek and made the choice to save Q for season two. Fans would surely love to see John de Lancie return as the character one more time.

7 Jake Sisko

One of the most iconic stories from Star Trek: The Next Generation came when Picard was captured by the Borg and turned into Locutus, leading the robotic zombies into a huge battle against the Federation. And while Picard's time as Locutus has come up on many occasions, one thing we haven't seen is Picard facing the families of Starfleet crew members who died in the Battle of Wolf 359.

One of those families is the Siskos. Jake Sisko, son of Commander Benjamin Sisko, lost his mother in that battle, and while fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine know that Ben Sisko was no fan of Picard, seeing Jake– now a writer according to what we know of his future– speak to the man responsible for his mother's death would be a great moment.

6 Beverly Crusher

Another member of Star Trek: The Next Generation who was missing was Dr. Beverly Crusher. Dr. Crusher served on the Enterprise, and her husband Jack died because of a choice that Picard made when he was the captain of the Stargazer. It was always clear to viewers that Picard and Crusher had feelings for one another, and Picard admitted to having been in love with her when she was with Jack.

Beverly Crusher has never blamed Picard for the death of her husband, understanding that the choice he had to make that day was not an easy one, and the two were close friends throughout the run of TNG. It would be nice to see what Dr. Crusher's life is like all these years later.

5 The Enterprise

In the season finale of Star Trek: Picard, we saw a Starfleet armada face off against a Romulan armada to protect the synthetics living on Coppelius. What was surprising was that in all the hundreds of Starfleet ships seen, none of them were the Enterprise. Sure, it wouldn't be any of the Enterprises we know, but when Will Riker shows up on the viewscreen as the Captain of the USS Zheng He, it was a bit of a disappointment. Hopefully, the show will find a way to slip in the latest version of the Enterprise in season two.

4 Hope

When Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek in the 1960s, he envisioned a series that took place in a future where humanity had moved past its biases and lived in a utopia. The original Star Trek series was filled with hope and good intentions. When Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted nearly 30 years after the original series ended, it continued that sense of hope.

Sadly, a lot of that hope is missing from Star Trek: Picard. The first season was filled with death, destruction, conspiracy theories, humans distrusting other races, and foul language. It would be wonderful to see some of that hope come back to the Star Trek universe.

3 Kestra

Speaking of hope, one of the new characters introduced in the first season of Star Trek: Picard was Kestra, the daughter of Will Riker and Deanna Troi. In her early teens, Kestra has already experienced a great amount of pain, losing her older brother to a disease. Still, Kestra spends her days exploring the woods around their home on Nepenthe and keeping the languages her brother invented alive as a way to keep him in her heart.

Appearing in just one episode, Kestra brought back the feeling of classic Star Trek in a way none of the other characters did. She was full of life, full of hope, and looking to explore. With any luck, we'll get to see more of her in season two.

2 Strange New Worlds

One of the best things about Star Trek is watching the case explore strange new worlds while seeking out new life and new civilizations.

Picard may not be a part of Starfleet anymore, but that doesn't mean he and his team can't find their way to some unexplored parts of the universe that lead to new civilizations, growing the mythology of Star Trek for future generations. Plus, cool new alien designs are always a welcome sight for fans.

1 Klingons

The Klingons have been a major part of Star Trek since Captain Kirk first took to the stars in 1966. Not having a single important character be a Klingon on Star Trek: Picard was clearly a choice made by the show's creators and it may have been a good one– Klingons can be pretty intense and the season was already filled to the brim with tension. Still, the lack of any Klingons was noticeable. Adding a Klingon to the crew of the La Sirena would give the Romulan Vashti warrior Elnor someone to relate to.