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Star Trek: Discovery – Alex Kurtzman and writers planning for a 4th season

Alex Kurtzman and his writers are planning on a fourth season for the CBS All Access series, Star Trek: Discovery.

There seems to be a strong impression that Star Trek: Discovery will get a fourth season over at CBS All Access. That’s the impression that Alex Kurtzman is operating under. Speaking to Gold Derby about the Emmy nominations that Star Trek got, Kurtzman revealed that he’s already writing and creating new episodes for the next season.

While he didn’t specifically say Discovery was getting a fourth season, or that the episodes were specifically for a fourth season, it seems pretty obvious that’s what he meant. As put it;

While a lot of fans ware hoping for Kurtzman to be outed by those in power at CBS, the more than likely truth is that he’s well-liked and isn’t going anywhere. While there are concerns over the Star Trek brand and rumors about turmoil in the creative process, the facts are pretty obvious that new Trek will continue to be created under Kurtzman’s vision.

While most fans are going to give Strange New Worlds a shot, and there are more fans for Picard than Discovery, Discovery was seen as a show on its last legs with all the delays and reshoots that went into season three. A fourth season would be huge for the series, as it shows that despite its critics it can still persist.


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