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Alex Kurtzman says Star Trek: Strange New Worlds to begin filming 2021

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds won’t begin filming until 2021.

Fans hoping for Anson Mount’s return as the captain of U.S.S. Enterprise will have to wait until mid-to-late 2021 at the earliest to see it. His return as Captain Pike in the upcoming Star Trek: Strange New Worlds series isn’t expected to start filming until 2021. That according to franchise head Alex Kurtzman.

Speaking with Gold Derby (interview below) about the Emmy’s and what it was like to create the new Star Trek universe, Kurtzman revealed that while working on the scripts for Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery, that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds won’t begin filming until 2021 at the earliest, hopefully earlier rather than sooner in the year.

Kurtzman told Gold Derby;

The Strange New World series is one of the few shows that have garnered more positive vibes than negative from the fanbase, with regards to the modern Star Trek series. It’s very hyped and with Mount being as beloved was seen as the perfect “bridge-show” to attract new and old fans alike.

Interestingly enough, despite Section 31 having rumors that claim it’s been canceled by CBS, Kurtzman naming the project in his script creations was interesting. While that doesn’t mean that they’re doing the series still, it also means that they’re at least preparing for it. A strong sign that the series has not been canceled yet if at all, because why would Kurtzman be working on scripts for a series that won’t happen?

It will be interesting to see what news comes out about Section 31 in the coming months.