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David Tennant Wants To Join Star Trek Franchise

Doctor Who's David Tennant has declared his eagerness to join Star Trek, and the actor is also open to roles in other major franchises. Tennant is best known for his depiction of the Tenth Doctor in the long-running BBC time-travel drama Doctor Who. The Scottish actor is a longtime darling of the geek community. Tennant has turned in quirky, exuberant, and unconventional performances - both as a hero and as a villain- in notable sci-fi/ superhero and fantasy franchises like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Fugitoid), Jessica Jones (Kilgrave), Good Omens (Crowley), and in even Star Wars (Huyang). Given his relevant filmography, Tennant's participation in Star Trek only seems long overdue.

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As a franchise that's been around for more than 50 years, Star Trek has seen a number of accomplished actors lend their talents to projects on the small and big screens. Icons like William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Patrick Stewart are well-known, but the list also includes esteemed thespians such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Idris Elba (who both portrayed villains in the Kelvin Timeline movies). Considering the plethora of notable names that have been in Star Trek, it is surprising Tennant isn't one of them. But if he gets his way, that would change.

Tennant revealed about his interest in Star Trek in a Reddit Ask Me Anything panel while fielding personal and professional questions from fans. In the thread, a fan quizzed Tennant about if there was a particular franchise  he would like to join. Tennant swiftly replied that he was interested in joining Star Trek, as his conversation with the show's alum George Takei has got him a 'bit immersed in it'. Takei will coincidentally star in an upcoming episode of Tennant's podcast.

The good news for Tennant is there is no shortage of Star Trek projects to choose from. Star Trek has a major presence on CBS All-Access with shows like Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard, and there are other series in development. Additionally, Paramount is discussing three possible Star Trek movies to revive the property on the big screen. This means Tennant has options if he's keen to join the franchise, and given his résumé's versatility, he'd be a strong fit for any of them. He has plenty of experience in live-action genre fare thanks to his tenure on Doctor WhoJessica Jones, and more, and he also has multiple voiceover credits. Perhaps there could be a spot for Tennant on Star Trek: Lower Decks, the animated series that recently premiered.

Tennant's whimsical and powerful act in Doctor Who designates him as the perfect choice to play Q in Star Trek. But as the extra-dimensional, omnipotent character has already been played to perfection by John de Lanice, it would arguably be ideal if Star Trek introduces a new movie featuring Tennant as an arch-nemesis to Q. Alternatively, another possibility could be Tennant playing Q and Trelane's son. In that case, Tennant can play a rebellious, grey character who takes on Pike while traversing between the central and Kelvin timeline.

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