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Star Trek: TNG: Jonathan Frakes thought writers had given up on Riker and Troi

For seven years on Star Trek: TNG, the relationship between Riker and Troi was unclear

When Star Trek: TNG first introduced Counselor Troi (Marina Sirtis) and Commander Riker (Jonathan Frakes), it seemed as though the writers had plans for the couple. They’d shared a romantic history, and it was clear the feelings were still there. Although they shared a few kisses here and there over the course of the series, they were left mostly at limbo until Star Trek: Nemesis when the couple finally married.

Admittedly, the marriage seemed a little rushed, considering when Star Trek: TNG ended, Troi was still in a relationship with Worf. The ending to that relationship was never explained nor was any reason given why Troi and Riker couldn’t be together during Star Trek: TNG’s run. Frakes feels as though the romance between Troi and Riker was put aside so that the two could be available to have other relationships while aboard the Enterprise.

There was so much chemistry between Sirtis and Frakes that it confused fans why the two were kept apart. Frakes has said he thought the writers had given up on the couple.

So when Star Trek: Picard offered Frakes and Sirtis the opportunity to return as a happily married couple, the pair took it as a vindication that their relationship was meant to be.

Loose ends often get left at the end of televisions shows. Romantic entanglements can be left dangling, and relationships open to interpretation. Thankfully, Star Trek: Picard offered Frakes and Troi a chance to show dedicated fans that Riker and Troi remained together and presumably will for the future.