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Which Star Trek: TOS Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

Without the original Star Trek, there wouldn't have been any further adventures of the Enterprise. Let alone the Discovery, Defiant, and Voyager. The original crew of NCC-1701 set the baseline for the rest of the shows and movies.

Over six decades past the first series, the Enterprise crew still exists in comics, novels, and other creative outlets. Yet, some don't know what character they connect with when it comes to their astrological sign. To determine this, here are the Star Trek: TOS characters you are based on your zodiac.

12 AQUARIUS: Janice Rand

Yeoman Rand was only around for a few episodes of the first season. But viewers still got a good idea of who she was from those appearances. From her introduction in "The Man Trap," Rand was revealed to be independent, friendly, and quiet at the same time.

In Gene Roddenberry's original concept, Rand was going to be Captain Kirk's confidant. Since Aquarians are deep-thinkers who want to help others, this was a good choice. However, the underlying current of passion established in Rand's introduction didn't cut it. Makes sense, because a weakness of an Aquarian is their limitations.

11 PISCES: Nyota Uhura

Star Trek's lovely communications officer, Lieutenant Uhura, is a prime example of a Pisces. Friendly, compassionate, and artistic, she's a well-rounded officer in a crew with a large amount of talent. She is even willing to pair up with others to perform. For instance, in the episode, "Charlie X", Uhura sings her rendition of "Oh, on the Starship Enterprise" while Spock plays his Vulcan lyre.

Several episodes reveal the lieutenant's ability to be smart and creative. In "Mirror, Mirror," she convinced the Mirror Universe Sulu to take his eyes away from his console so she and her team could escape. In "I, Mudd," Uhura used her persuasion to see if Harry Mudd's androids were emotionless. Though it isn't her true talent, Uhura's ability to convince others helped her out of some dangerous situations.

10 AIRES: James T. Kirk

There's no surprise here. James Kirk was born on March 22, and that falls right at the start of Aires' season. Thus, he is endowed with all of the zodiac sign's abilities.

Kirk is courageous, confident, and passionate. He abides by the rules but he's not against bending them a little to reach the right result. As seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, he likes to take on leadership roles. Unfortunately, this also comes with a weakness of impatience that results in dire circumstances.

9 TAURUS: Spock

Save for Tauruians enjoyment of hedonism, Spock is right on track with the rest of the sign's strengths. He's practical, well-grounded, and patient. As an Earth sign, Spock has a connection with the environment.

Taureans also develop long-term friendships. An examination of Spock's relationship with Kirk shows how much love and devotion he has to Jim. The same can be said for his link to McCoy. While it seems cantankerous at times, the jabs are done because the pair have a different type of connection.

8 GEMINI: Pavel Chekov

Gemini's have two different personalities. One side is social and ready for fun. The other is serious, thoughtful, and a bit restless. Of the original crew members, Chekov fits this sign.

For the second season, Roddenberry wanted to bring in a young, shaggy-haired crew member to draw in fans of the Monkees' Davy Jones. However, in the first episodes, Chekov looks ready to spring. He's hunched over with pinched eyebrows. It's not until episodes like "Trouble With Tribbles" and "Mudd's Women" did viewers see the fun side of the character.

7 CANCER: Scotty

There's no doubt Montgomery Scott is a Cancer. His strengths match that sign. Scotty is highly imaginative and tenacious. Though Captain Kirk gets credit most of the time for saving his crew, it's Scotty who pulls the Enterprise's bacon out of the fire.

He also has several of the sign's weaknesses. One of them is not blending into the real world. Scotty can be mentally present when needed. Yet, when his duty his over, he'd rather go to his quarters and absorb himself in the world of technological manuals.

6 LEO: Harry Mudd

Leo's are rare among the original series crew. None of them want the spotlight, nor do they want to bask in the public's adoration. That's why Harcourt Fenton Mudd has to take their place.

Attractive, creative, and arrogant at the same time, Harry wants people to like him. It's why he creates a planet filled with androids that were supposed to honor him. Even the way he dresses reveals how much Harry wants to get noticed by others.

5 VIRGO: Number One

Before her role as Nurse Chapel, Majel Barrett was the character known as Number One in the first Star Trek pilot. Viewers got to know Captain Pike's first officer in "The Cage." She turned out to be more serious than Spock, which is why she's a Virgo.

She's the all-work no-play member of Pike's crew. Though she reveals her emotions, much of her heart is hidden behind meticulous actions. Number One isn't someone who leaves a job unfinished.

4 LIBRA: Organians

When it seemed like a war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire was imminent, the Organians intervened to calm things down. In this way, they became the Libras or the original Star Trek.

Their judgment was that of Solomon when it came to the division of power. Through their treaty, the Federation and Empire got one planet to develop within the Neutral Zone. Also, the two powers could use each other's shore leave facilities.

3 SCORPIO: Hikaru Sulu

When introduced in the second Star Trek pilot, Sulu was a non-assuming astrophysics officer. By the time of "The Man Trap," he was a calm helmsman. Yet, behind that quiet exterior, there was someone who could attack without notice.

This is the prime characteristic of a Scorpio. However, that's not the only thing this zodiac is known for. They are passionate, brave, resourceful, and a true friend. For the last, his relationship with Checkov and Uhura reveals why he embraces the sign of the crab.

2 SAGITTARIUS: Cyrano Jones

Cyrano Jones, the man who started the trouble with Tribbles, is a match for a Sagittarius. Some of the characteristics he has in common are idealism, a great sense of humor, and the freedom to travel across the galaxy.

He also has the zodiac's weaknesses, and that includes promises he can't deliver. Plus, he can be undiplomatic when he's not with the right person. If it weren't for Cyrano, the Klingons wouldn't have destroyed the Tribbles' homeworld.

1 CAPRICORN: Gary Seven

Gary Seven is a Capricorn because he doesn't take anything from anyone. Not even Kirk. When he has a mission, he takes the lead to accomplish it no matter the toes he steps on.

Due to this inner sense of independence, Garry isn't a people person. Despite what he needs to do, he isn't a fan of many things. Except for his new assistant and human-cat hybrid, that is.