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Film Residuals From Four Star Trek Films, The Crow 2 and More Are Up for Auction

Film residuals for 21 films — including four Star Trek movies, The Crow 2: City of Angels and Beverly Hills Cop III — are up for auction.

The rights are being sold by the Directors' Guild of America on Royalty Exchange, an online trader of intellectual property assets.

Residuals are the proceeds generated when a film or TV show is re-presented in other media after its first run in theaters or on television — including streaming, cable TV showings, VHS or DVD sales and TV syndication. Royalty Exchange said this bundle of films generated an average of $3,400 a year over the past six years. It generated $5,598 two years ago, the highest of the six-year period.

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This bundle of films, all released between 1976 and 2002, includes Star Trek: First ContactStar Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryStar Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis. These four represent 61 percent of the proceeds. Also included are crime thriller Along Came a Spider and sci-fi thriller Futureworld. First Contact is the biggest earner of the bunch, bringing in 19 percent of the total.

Bidders are cautioned that payments are not on a schedule and "historic royalty income" is no predictor of how much these films might generate in the future.

The starting price was $15,000, and bids were above $35,000 at this writing. The auction ends Sept. 8.

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