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Star Trek Day Virtual Event Brings Together The Cast Of Nine Trek Shows

CBS All Access will host "Star Trek Day" early next week, complete with panelists from across the franchise. The massively popular Star Trekfranchise began with the science fiction TV show in the 1960s, and has since spawned more TV series, various films, comic books, and video games, among other products.

Star Trek has not only shone through the years with a cult following - where fans of the franchise are known as "Trekkies" - but has won multiple awards and honors as well. The 2009 Star Trek film served as a reboot of the original TV series, and helped introduce Star Trek to a new generation of audience members. The Star Trek franchise is also known for its diversity and representation within its cast, most recently evidenced by the non-binary and transgender characters on season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery.

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TV Linereports that "Star Trek Day" will feature panel appearances from cast and crew members from nine different Star Trek series. The event will see stars like George Takei (Star Trek: The Original Series), Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation), and Nana Visitor (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) on panels that will take place throughout the day. The panels will also be facilitated by Wil Wheaton, who was in Next Generation, and Mica Burton, LeVar Burton's daughter. Check out the full list of panels and guests, below.

"Star Trek Day" will not only consist of panels, but includes a full day of programming as well. The day was specifically selected because it marks the original Star Trek's television debut - September 8, 1966 - and the virtual celebration will include 24-hours of free Star Trek programming. CBS All Access has also teased announcements about their ongoing Trek shows, new merchandise for sale, and are encouraging fans to use the exclusive hashtag, #StarTrekStory, to share memories they have of the franchise. The multi-platform involvement shows that CBS is truly interested in this event as a fully immersive experience, and are likely hoping fan engagement will help promote the current and upcoming slate of Star Trek shows. "Star Trek Day" isn't quite on the scale of an event like Warner Bros.' DC FanDome, but it could similarly build hype for its franchise.

All in all, "Star Trek Day" will be a massive undertaking by CBS and is one fan event that should not be missed. The legacy of Star Trekspeaks for itself, and fans have stuck by the franchise throughout all of the highs and lows. As such, "Star Trek Day" is truly a celebration of the enduring, inspiring nature of the Star Trek series and Trekkies everywhere will be eagerly tuning in on September 8.

Source: TVLine

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