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The hunt for the real Gabriel Lorca should be explored in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

With the whereabouts of the real Gabriel Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs, a bit of a mystery, the new series should take a look into resolving that story arc.

Star Trek actor Gabriel Lorca took part in the Dragon Con Goes Virtual event on Saturday and the topic of his involvement as prime and mirror universe’s Gabriel Lorca came up. Lorca was a character on season one of Star Trek: Discovery, but near the end of the season, it was revealed that Lorca was actually the mirror universe’s version. The mirror universe is essentially a parallel universe where everyone good is bad and vise versa. With Star Trek: Strange New Worlds set to debut and focus set to be on the U.S.S. Enterprise pre-James Kirk, it’s possible the series explores concepts that Discovery had set up. Like where is the real Gabriel Lorca? So when a fan asked Lorca if he’d ever show up as his prime universe counterpart, Lorca was quick to respond;

This has prompted many fans to wonder when and where Lorca will pop back up. With the Discovery series moving into the future, it’s unlikely that this specific show will revisit the storyline idea. Which makes sense, as Lorca would be stuck in a different century anyway. So what needs to happen to see the return of Lorca to Trek canon?

Have the new Star Trek show Strange New Worlds explore the concept. Issacs has been a big proponent of the Star Trek writing crew and has expressed a desire to return to the universe as Lorca. So the possibility that he’d show up in Strange New Worlds is a possible one.

Considering that past Star Trek shows have explored and played with story arcs from other shows in their shared canon, it makes a lot of sense that they’d do it this time around as well. Whether or not Isaacs actually reprises his role as Lorca is anyone’s guess but if the folks behind Star Trek are smart, they’d let the Strange New Worlds cast and crew be the ones to bring the “where is Lorca?” styrline to life.