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Let’s Vote: Is Star Trek ‘Move Along Home’ the worst DS9 episode ever?

Few episodes leave an impression on Star Trek fans as Deep Space Nine’s Move Along Home.

There is not going to be a definitive answer in this article. Instead, we’re going to let you all decide. Is Move Along Home really the worst Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode ever? For a quick refresher, this is the infamous episode that sees Commander Benjamin Sisko, Jadzia Dax, Doctor Julian Bashir, and Kira Nerys get trapped in a game that Quark is playing. The game was brought in by the Wadi, a visiting alien race from the Gamma Quadrant, and they use real people in their games. For some reason.

It’s known to be one of the worst episodes ever, for a variety of reasons. First is the fact the rules to the game are never explained and fans are left wondering what is going on far too often with no explanation. Secondly, it’s revealed to be an episode with no real stakes. Something fans really take issue with. If there are no potential consequences, why tell the story? Lastly, it’s an episode with weird dialogue and crazy new aliens who really aren’t that interesting, fleshed out, or captivating.

The good folks over at SyFy Wire did a video on this episode, which in turn inspired this question.

Is Move Along Home the worst episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? It’s hard to argue but that’s the point of the article. The point of the article is for you to give your opinions.

What is going to happen is pretty obvious. If you think the episode is the worst, click “yes” on the poll below. If you think it’s not, then click “no”. If you click “no”, however, please tell us which episode you think is the worst in DS9’s history. You can do so either in the comment section down below, on Facebook or Twitter.

We’ll collect the votes by Sunday, Sep. 13, and let you know if Move Along Home really is the worst episode in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s canon.

Is ‘Move Along Home’ the worst DS9 episode ever?