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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Trailer Reveals The End of the Federation

The Star Trek: Discoveryseason 3 trailer has arrived teasing an action-packed adventure a thousand years in the future of the CBS All Access series. Discovery premiered to lukewarm reviews from audiences, but season 2 was considered a huge improvement, and excitement for season 3 has built as more fans have discovered the series. Sonequa Martin-Green's performance as Michael Burnham anchored the first two seasons and the addition of Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike in season 2 solidified the series as a hit with longtime fans.

The show's second season found the crew of the Discovery fighting against an evil A.I hellbent on eradicating all life in the galaxy and chasing a time-traveling bad guy. It was the two-part season finale that really flipped the franchise on its head, first with the end of Burnham's relationship with Ash Tyler and then by sending the Discovery a thousand years into the future. After a huge climactic space battle, Burnham and the crew are revealed to have ended up in the 32nd century a time period completely unexplored in Star Trek continuity.

CBS All Access released the trailer for Star Trek: Discovery season 3 and it's a pulse-pounding introduction to the strange new era of exploration. After verifying they've landed on a planet with intelligent life, Burnham celebrates the crew's successful jump into the future. The universe is pretty different 930 years in the future, as the trailer quickly establishes the Federation is mostly obliterated after a mysterious event called "the burn." However, Burnham quickly declares, "the Federation isn't just about ships. The Federation is its people," as a new Federation flag unfurls. Rebuilding Starfleet won't be easy and the trailer makes it clear the crew of the Discovery is in for the fight of their lives.

The new mission to solve the problems of the galaxy in the 32nd century works because it evokes classic Star Trek plotting with the added twist of pulling the crew far into the unexplored future of the franchise. The Star Trek: Discovery season 3 trailer also teases what may be an evolved Kelpien, who looks similar to Saru, but more human-like with hair. If this is only the first trailer that means it's just a taste of what's to come when the series returns to CBS All Access.

Source: CBS All Access

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