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Number One has mind-blowing backstory in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Number One is expected to get a “mind-blowing” backstory in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Not much is known about Number One but in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds fans may be in for a “mind-blowing” storyline. Played in the upcoming series by Rebecca Romijn, she took part in the Star Trek Day: Strange New Worlds panel on Sep 8 for Star Trek Day and talked about the upcoming show, how the storyline was constructed, among other minor points. She was joined by fellow stars Anson Mount (Captain Pike), and Ethan Peck (Spock for the panel. They weren’t the only three there, however.

Also appearing on the digital panel were executive producers Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers, along with co-executive producers Akela Cooper and Davy Perez. With the panel being moderated by Mica Burton.

On the panel, the minds behind the show stressed that it would return to its mission-of-the-week format but would also include some overarching narrative points. As for Romijn and her “mind blowing backstory”, this is what she had to say on the matter;

Set before the events of Star Trek: The Original Series, the show will explore Captain Pike, James Kirk’s predecessor as Captain of the Enterprise, as well as his crew of Starfleet officers that include Number One and Spock. They’ll do what the show title suggests, explore strange and new worlds.

A relatively novel idea, as Pike and Number One, were originally set to be the stars of the Star Trek series in the ’60s. Reshoots and recastings by Gene Roddenberry saw most of the original group leave, but one character remained; Spock. The footage was eventually repurposed into an episode, The Cage and depicted events of Pike’s time as Captain shortly Kirk took over. Now Strange New Worlds will look to further explore an interesting nugget in Trek lore.