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Star Trek Online: House Divided For PlayStation 4 And XBox One

PlayStation 4 and XBox One gamers waiting for Star Trek Online: House Divided are in luck with the announcement that the update is now available.

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment are excited to bring the epic House Divided update to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8. This update ushers in the 20th season of the fan-favorite MMORPG that has explored and expanded the iconic Star Trek universe for ten years. House Divided gives players the chance to experience an epic Klingon-centric war story alongside Martok from Deep Space Nine.

Here are the features of the new update:

“After sending herself and players through time with stolen Federation technology, J’Ula, sister of T’Kuvma (Discovery), finds herself at war as the modern Klingon Empire has done the unthinkable and allied themselves with the Federation. J’Ula and her lieutenant Aakar (Grandfather of Gowron) have taken it upon themselves to call their true Klingon brethren to arms. It’s now up to players to quell this rebellion alongside Martok (Deep Space Nine) and maintain the newly founded peace within the Federation.

“This new epic war story brings two new playable episodes to Star Trek Online that all Star Trek fans are bound to enjoy.”

Source: Press Release

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