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Star Trek: Ethan Peck Hints at Spock's Struggles in Strange New Worlds

Spock will return to a familiar struggle in the upcoming Star Trek: Discoveryspinoff series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Ethan Peck debuted as Spock in Discovery's second season, but a different Spock than fans were used to seeing. This Spock, troubled by visions of the Red Angel, was agitated and emotional. By reconnecting with his adopted sister Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), Spock found a new sense of emotional balance. That isn't the end of the story. When Peck returns as Spock in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which begins filming in 2021, the beloved character will continue to work to find peace between his Vulcan and human heritage.

"I’m very thrilled to find the balance in Spock," Peck said during the Strange New Worlds virtual panel on Star Trek Day. "He's between two worlds of logic and control and emotional volatility that we all struggle with, and so it’s going to be an enormous challenge, and there are plenty of scenarios in which we could play with that, and I’m very excited to see what the writers come up with., and I’m just going to throw myself in. I can’t wait."

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds follows the crew of the USS Enterprise after the events of Star Trek: Discovery's second seasons and before the five-year mission of Star Trek: The Original Series. Romijn plays Number One opposite Anson Mount as Pike and Ethan Peck as Spock. Following their debuts in Discovery, the trio reprised their roles for three installments of Star Trek: Short Treks, which earned an Emmy Awards nomination.

"When we said we heard the fans' outpouring of love for Pike, Number One and Spock when they boarded Star Trek: Discovery last season, we meant it," said showrunner Alex Kurtzman while announcing the spinoff series. "These iconic characters have a deep history in Star Trek canon, yet so much of their stories have yet to be told. With Akiva and Henry at the helm, the Enterprise, its crew and its fans are in for an extraordinary journey to new frontiers in the Star Trek universe."

“This is a dream come true, literally,” said creator and showrunner Akiva Goldsman. “I have imagined myself on the bridge of the Enterprise since the early 1970s. I’m honored to be a part of this continuing journey along with Alex, Henry and the fine folks at CBS."

Are you excited to learn more about Spock's story? Let us know in the comments. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds begins production in 2021.