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Which Star Trek TNG Character Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac?

What's the better method of finding the perfect soulmate? There are those that prefer astrology, and others that say to seek out those who have the same interests. Why combine the two? Not only does that help determine an ideal match in real life, but it might also result in some interesting fan-fiction. That holds especially true for Star Trek fans, who have a wealth of lore and backstory that includes a whole universe of potential matches.

The Star Trek franchise has earned a reputation for complex, interesting characters that drive the compelling storylines. The Star Trek characters throughout the 1990s TV universe still resonate with viewers decades later. The Next Generation is often seen as the successor to the original series, and it didn't disappoint when it came to a cast of memorable characters. Imagine all of the love that was formed and hearts that broke in the deck of the Enterprise-D.

12 Aquarius, Ro Laren

Ro Laren is one of the recurring characters that made a lasting impression in TNG, and she also appeared in Deep Space Nine.

An Aquarius will be drawn to her courage, humanitarian convictions, and non-compromising manner, and would be the first to look at her criminal conviction with less judgment and more understanding. Ro is an adventurer who fights tirelessly for her chosen cause, another trait that Aquarius would admire and support.

11 Pisces, Guinan

The quiet, mysterious, and often lonely Pisces looks for love in places like parks, beaches, and bars, which is why they would fall so hard for Guinan. Her calm and artistic demeanor draws the solitary Pisces into a more social setting, something that suits this quiet sign, which is friendly and cordial but also appreciates being left alone.

Regarding Guinan's role in the show, she's often the keeper of secrets or wisdom when other characters have a problem they can't solve but she doesn't act aloof, the perfect match for a spiritual but grounded Pisces.

10 Aries, Worf

Sporty, determined Aries would love to spar with Worf, a strong character in his own right who doesn't like to back down. Worf is an assertive and confident officer, one of Starfleet's greatest assets, and he's got something to prove on a personal level and for his fellow Klingons.

Worf's popularity means that's he's crossed over to several other shows in the Star Trek universe. As one of the first Klingons to become a Starfleet officer and the lawyer who represented Captain Kirk in Star Trek Generations, his character represents a new chapter in the Federation's history, and an Aries likes to follow the zeitgeist.

9 Taurus, Tasha Yar

A Taurus craves stability with a partner who's consistent and responsible, which sounds boring at first, but there's another side to this earthbound sign just like there's another side to Tasha Yar. She's quiet, even strict, but she also somewhat of a hedonist, privately surrounding herself with luxuries and physical pleasure.

While other signs would dismiss her character as stubborn, the Taurus instead sees commitment.

8 Gemini, Lore

It's not that Gemini is necessarily the duplicitous type, although they have a reputation for this talent. It's more about versatility, understanding, and thinking on your feet, which is why a Gemini will gravitate towards Lore.

He shares the same fierce curiosity and restless spirit, something that sets him apart from the inquisitive but demure Data.

7 Cancer, Geordi La Forge

If the Captain of the ship is like a father, then would the Chief Engineer be its mother? The Cancer gravitates toward Geodi because of his role as caretaker of the essential workings of the ship, but there's a lot more for a crabby but sensitive Cancer to like about one of the most loved characters in the Star Trek universe.

Cancer loves history, and the one for Geordi goes all the way back to a fan named George La Forge, a fan of the original series before he passed away in 1975. George was a quadriplegic, and Gene Roddenberry created the differently-abled Geordi La Forge to honor his memory. That's a sure hook for the sentimental Cancer.

6 Leo, Deanna Troi

It's not just that lustrous mane, which the typical Leo also tends to possess, it's also the cheerful personality and admiration she exudes that makes the Leo fall hard. Deanna Troi is demonstrative with her affection, lavishing attention on the objects of her desire, and a Leo loves that trait.

On a different level, Leos also like bright colors, and Troi is the only officer who can wear alternatives to the usual drab red, brown, and blue uniforms.

5 Virgo, Beverly Crusher

Virgos are the sign the frets the most over their health, but that's not the only reason they would be attracted to the ship's doctor. She's similar to a Virgo in the sense that she tends to focus too much on work without taking any fun time.

Beverly Crusher is also a practical, analytical person who always notices the smallest details. That's bad news for a sign that keeps secrets, but honest Virgo is fine with it.

4 Libra, William Riker

It's all about balance for the Libra, and William Riker is a character that tried to find a balance in the Star Trek universe. Written as a combination of Captain Kirk and a character that appeared in the first Star Trek movie, Riker seems to be both a serious career soldier and a hopeless romantic.

A Libra also seeks partnerships in their quest to find balance. Riker's relationship with Troi isn't the only intimate connection he has on the show. It's not that he's promiscuous, it's just that he hates being alone, as the Libra would say.

3 Scorpio, Q

If there's one thing that Scorpio likes, it's being right. That's why they would fall hard for the all-powerful Q. Like Q, they are seekers of truth, and they are determined to seek the facts regardless of the personal cost.

A Scorpio is the kind of person that Q would want on their side, as they both appreciate friendships based on shared challenges and teasing. Q and his Scorpio mate would be inseparable.

2 Sagittarius, Data

As someone who loves philosophy and learning, especially through experience and travel, a Sagittarius will love Data. While his brother Lore is more about gathering information from external sources, Data is more concerned with thinking about everything he's learned and understanding it.

That's also the way of a Sagitarrius, to travel the universe and search for the meaning of existence.

1 Capricorn, Jean-Luc Picard

Capricorns admire leadership, but that doesn't mean they'll fall for anyone who happens to be in charge but it sure does help. They also appreciate the gravitas that Picard brings to the Captain's chair, a distinction from the flippant Kirk, who bucked tradition and no doubt alienated the disciplined Capricorn.

Picard is more of an optimist than the typical Capricorn, and this is the sign that often needs cheering up.

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