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Which Star Trek TOS Character Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac?

There are a lot of reasons that the Star Trek franchise is still popular. The show has a reputation for great writing, perfect casting, and being able to immerse the audience in a complex and creative story. It all started with The Original Series, still considered a titan among the shows that aired during the Golden Age of network television.

If a Star Trek fan is looking for love, or perhaps fanfiction inspiration, they can start by searching through the variety of characters that appeared in the Star Trek universe. Narrow the choices down further by letting astrology be a guide, and you might just find the perfect match. Everyone had a crush on Spock anyway, but would he really be the one for you?

12 Aquarius, Chekov

The Aquarius is a sign that likes to make old things new again, and the character of Chekov often fills this role as the younger member of the crew. His stories about how Russia invented everything and his often impetuous manner is something the Aquarius will like and admire while it might get on someone else's nerves. This plucky officer doesn't even back down even when he probably should, and the equally uncompromising Aquarius would be ready to back him up.

11 Pisces, Sarek

The Pisces is drawn towards Vulcans anyway, feeling comfortable in the quiet wisdom and intellectual solitude that distinguish the race and culture. The character of Sarek embodies many of these traits, which is why the Pisces person would fall so hard for him. Sarek himself is a Vulcan who has learned to look beyond the strictly logical pursuits of the Vulcan mind, which is why he would like the intuition and spirituality that a Pisces provides.

10 Aries, Sulu

Aries appreciates a badass, but even better is one with elegance and style, which is why they would fall so hard for Sulu. Not only does he actually drive the Enterprise as the Helmsman, but he's also the Chief of Security, and Aries loves a man in a leadership role.

Sulu and an Aries person would have a great day discussing different fencing techniques and military strategies while climbing a rock face or some other similar activity. Never mind stopping to rest, since they both hate wasting time.

9 Taurus, Scotty

Scotti has his priorities straight and never minces his words. The Taurus person appreciates that kind of candor. On the other hand, they also appreciate high levels of craftsmanship, rich and expensive food, and other upscale luxuries. Scotti has that covered. He's the crew member who's always got that stash of rare Scottish whiskey in his quarters, and the gregarious Taurus would also appreciate the way he's not afraid to break it out.

8 Gemini, Spock

It's not just the dual nature of Spock that interests the like-minded Gemini. It's also that Spock is on an eternal journey looking for answers, not only about himself but also the nature of the universe. Spock might be a stoic Vulcan, but he grapples with emotional dilemmas as much as with conflicting or confusing scientific knowledge. The Gemini is also a constant traveler and questioner, and no doubt they would see Spock as a trusted mentor as well as a partner.

7 Cancer, McCoy

Find a quiet corner for the Cancer person and Bones McCoy to reminisce over the good ol' days with a nice, stiff drink. That makes the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the sign with a high level of emotional intelligence and the sentimental and stubborn ship's doctor.

McCoy isn't all about listening to your heart, however. He's often the character that provides the others with a grounded and pragmatic view, and in the plot of many episodes he acts as the theme character or the person others turn to for advice. Cancer needs that in their life and also does what they can to provide the same comfort to others.

6 Leo, Captain Pike

Leo is the type to admire leadership qualities but prefers the reserved and steely manner of Christopher Pike to the impetuous Kirk. This couple would have some interesting things in common, like their shared need to escape harsh realities, be self-centered, and take exotic holidays. Pike won't be able to resist the charm of beautiful Leo, one of the few signs that could draw his steely gaze, and they'll appreciate his admiration.

5 Virgo, Christine Chapel

Christine Chapel was one of the more prominent recurring characters on the show, but she was only in the spotlight once or twice, which would draw Virgo to her side immediately. The confident, intellectual Virgo likes that Christine is fairly quiet, stepping into the foreground only when she has something important to do or say. The best way to meet Christine would probably be through work, which is also something the always-professional Virgo appreciates.

4 Libra, Janice Rand

Janice Rand had a fine line to walk as Captain Kirk's Yoeman. The Captain was open about the fact that he didn't want a female in the position, and his reasons had nothing to do with her qualifications or her work ethic. "What's wrong, Jim?" A snarky but serious McCoy once asked, "Don't you trust yourself?"

The ability to keep a strict balance between her personal and professional life is something the Libra admires, since this the sign that always seeks balance. Janice had to use practical solutions to solve a lot of problems that didn't have obvious solutions, aside from dealing with Kirk the Jerk. Anyone who can brew coffee with a hand phaser is the perfect mate, no matter the sign.

3 Scorpio, Kirk

If you can't be right then be in charge, as the Scorpio would say, which is why those born under this sign belong with Captain Kirk. This is the sign that understands the rules of the universe better than any other, which is why Kirk's stubborn refusal to accept the reality of a no-win scenario would fascinate them. As a couple, they would always bee cool and collected in public but secretive and jealous in private.

2 Sagittarius, Uhura

Her name means Star of Freedom, and the Sagittarius person loves nothing more than liberty and independence. That's not the only reason that the cosmic archer falls hard for Uhura. She's also humorous and fiercely intelligent, qualities that the Sagittarius person loves. She adores the Sagitarrius person for their enthusiasm and blunt way of speaking, which she can take in stride.

1 Capricorn, Khan

The typical Capricorn is the crusty old soul who's never happy with everything, which is why they would feel right at home with Khan. The Capricorn may be one of the more Stoic signs of the zodiac, but being an Earth sign doesn't mean you're made of stone. Khan's long, intricate, and often tragic backstory is what makes him one of Hollywood's most notorious and memorable villains, and a Capricorn loves lore and tradition.

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