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Patrick Stewart & Mark Hamill Face-Off In Bizarre Uber Eats Commercial

Superstars Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart have finally teamed up - although appearing together in an Uber Eats commercial isn't quite what fans expected to see. Hamill and Stewart are two cultural icons who are particularly well-known for their roles in Star Wars and Star Trek, respectively.

To say that Hamill and Stewart have had illustrious careers is something of an understatement. Aside from his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars,which Hamill reprised again in the Disney-led sequel trilogy, Hamill is also a voice actor. He's helped bring characters to life on shows such as Batman: The Animated Series and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Stewart, on the other hand, has a resume just as long as Hamill's, with acting roles in X-Men, The Kid Who Would Be King, and Hamlet, among other films.

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Earlier today, Mark Hamill posted a 45-second advertisement for Uber Eats on Twitter, showing him and Stewart facing off. The pair meet in what looks to be an abandoned warehouse, before announcing what they'll individually have for dinner and bickering over the pronunciation of "tomato." Before the two can come to blows, though, Uber Eats arrives with their orders. You can catch the oddly charming video below:

Although the commercial is for Uber Eats, that didn't stop producers from throwing in a few Easter Eggs that are sure to delight fans. Chief among them is Hamill and Stewart's conversation about halfway through the advertisement, when Stewart taunts Hamill by saying, "Daddy's not here to save you." In response, Hamill shoots back that, "[he] is [his] daddy." The exchange is likely a reference to Hamill's Star Wars character of Luke Skywalker and his twisted relationship with his father, Darth Vader. While the dramatic reveal of Luke Skywalker's father has been parodied in a myriad of shows and films in the past, there's something undoubtedly entertaining about watching Stewart and Hamill riff back and forth in such a meta way.

An Uber Eats commercial isn't the Star Wars/Star Trek team-up that fans had in mind, but it will do for now. Even if Stewart and Hamill don't appear together in a film or a TV show, it's still a delight to see the two on screen together, even if they are shouting about their dinner orders. That being said, aside from wondering when the next Stewart and Hamill joint appearance will be, that only leaves one question - is it pronounced "to-may-to" or "to-mah-to"?

Source: Mark Hamill/Twitter

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